Wiz Khalifa On Twitter: All Good After Hoverboard Arrest And Ground Slam At LAX By Cops

The Twitter account of Wiz Khalifa has taken his 20.9 million followers on a journey, all because of Khalifa not wanting to dismount from his hoverboard. The first tweet about hoverboard-gate on the Twitter account writes in a tongue-in-cheek manner about getting slammed to the ground and handcuffed.

“Haven’t been slammed and cuffed in a while. That was fun.”

According to TMZ, the publication reached out for comment about Wiz’s wild ride at LAX, but haven’t heard back as of this writing. However, Wiz’s Twitter account sort of live-tweeted the whole incident for readers.

“They love saying stop resisting.”

A provocative photo of Wiz on the ground surrounded by police accompanied the stop-resisting photo.

Next came the video of Khalifa arguing with the police — what experts might claim is generally not a good idea at airports, where the threat of terrorism is heightened. Meanwhile, Wiz tells the cops to do what they want to become famous on TMZ. Wiz stands in an argumentative stance as he tells the cops he wasn’t doing anything anyway, and that they could call whomever. One cop reaches out his hand, as if to try and calm the situation. Wiz asks incredulously if the police were going to put him in jail.

The rapper’s video has gone viral on Twitter, with thousands of shares and favorites for those who can’t believe the melee began over a hoverboard.

Wiz says that in short order, the cops will probably ride hoverboards themselves around airports.

“What’s even funnier than them not bein able to do s*** is they’ll be riding them soon as well. Maybe ones I design.”

Then Khalifa went on to profess his rallying cry for the generation that will be riding hoverboards, and took a line from Straight Outta Compton for those who don’t like his hoverboard.

I stand for our generation and our generation is gonna be riding hover boards so if you don’t like it eat a d***!

Lest fans worry about Wiz’s condition, he tweeted that he had two of his favorite past-times so he was fine.

There no word on what brand of hoverboard Wiz used. Meanwhile, one article from Popular Mechanics describes one of the more popular hoverboards out there, the Lexus hoverboard, breaking down the details of the popular transportation item.

On Instagram, nearly 50,000 posts are tagged hoverboard, with photos of folks experimenting with the trend abounding.

[Image via Twitter]

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