2016 Presidential Polls: Donald Trump Pulling Away As 30,000 Attend Republican Rally In Alabama

Everyone thought that Donald Trump was way in over his head when he decided to throw his hat in the ring for 2016 presidential election. Now, there are not nearly as many people who think the same way, and that was evident when 30,000 people turned out for a Republican pep rally in Alabama on Friday. Now, he’s beginning to pull away from the rest of the field and very well could widen his lead in the 2016 presidential polls.

Topped off in a red hat, Donald Trump stepped out before 30,000 supporters in Alabama on Friday night, and it was quite a sight to see. CNN reported that he spoke for over an hour, and a lot of it was speaking against the political correctness that so many couldn’t stand.

“We’ve gotten an amazing reception. Has this been crazy? Man!”

Originally, the event was set to be held in a Civic Center nearby in Mobile, but different accommodations had to be made. Before Donald Trump arrived, it was moved to the 43,000-seat Ladd-Peebles Stadium so that the entire crowd would have room.

Halfway through his pep rally, it was revealed that Donald Trump is indeed pulling away from the other candidates in the GOP. Business Insider reported that his lead over his closest rivals is widening, and now it’s starting to get a bit out of hand.

His brashness and his brutal honesty and even his sometimes “mean nature” is not turning off anyone. Supporters are not going away, but they are only gaining more and more as time goes on and other candidates don’t show as much promise and tenacity.

About a week ago, online surveys in the 2016 presidential polls showed that Donald Trump had 24 percent support. Now, close to 32 percent of all Republicans surveyed have given their support to the businessman.

His closest competitor is still former Florida governor Jeb Bush, but he has a mere 16 percent. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson is in third with eight percent.

When another poll gave Republican voters the choices of only Trump, Bush, and Carson, the businessman ended up taking 44 percent of the support. Bush took close to 29 percent and Carson ended up with 25 percent.

Donald Trump is leading all Republican candidates in the 2016 presidential polls, and his support is only growing. At this rate, he could easily represent the party against whomever the Democratic nominee ends up being, and right now, that’s a race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

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