WWE Rumors: Injured Main Event Star Will Be Backstage At ‘SummerSlam’ — Will He Return — YES! or No?

With four hours full of 10 matches and a host of rumors regarding other surprises and appearances at SummerSlam, it seems odd that WWE would want another big happening on Sunday night. Well, that may be just what happens as it is now being rumored that Daniel Bryan is going to be backstage, but will he actually appear on the show?

On Friday afternoon, Daniel Bryan did indeed arrive in New York City as reported by WrestleZone. It was said that he was there for the SummerSlam Experience and possibly even attending NXT Takeover: Brooklyn as well.

Now, while there are no current plans in place for Daniel Bryan to appear at SummerSlam, he is indeed going to be backstage. WWE could decide to have him show up and at least make an appearance of some sort.

Even though Bryan had not been cleared to return by WWE doctors, he was cleared by a doctor out in Arizona.

About two weeks ago, Daniel Bryan showed up on Monday Night Raw and ended up being a guest of The Miz. He didn’t get physically involved a whole lot, but did have a little action thrown his way once Ryback and Big Show arrived in the ring.

The other two participants in the Triple Threat match for the Intercontinental Title came to the ring and went face-to-face. The Miz had retreated, but Bryan grabbed him outside the ring and threw him back into the ring to get demolished.

After it was all over, Ryback and Bryan raised each the arms of each other and then celebrated in the ring together. Remember, Ryback (then Skip Sheffield) and Bryan were members of Nexus all those years ago.

Daniel Bryan appears ready to return to the ring, but WWE is not going to take any chances on rushing him back. They are going to make sure that he is completely healed and advised by doctors that it is safe for him to get back to wrestling action.

The Chicago Tribune detailed a Q&A session by Bryan who is very ready to return to wrestling. He spoke on that, but also talked about his main event spot at WrestleMania XXX, and how it had a lot to do with CM Punk.

“It makes me sad, in the sense that I always had this idea in my head that at some point Punk and I would wrestle each other at Wrestlemania. But I didn’t know if it would ever happen. It was this idea that I had in my head. It would be our generation’s version of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. So it made me sad, but you have to understand there’s a flip side to it making me sad. It also was one of the causes of me main eventing Wrestlemania, which I might not have gotten if he didn’t leave. I have these mixed emotions about it.”

There is a match that honestly may never end up happening, but many fans also wish it would. As for Daniel Bryan, rumors are flying and he will be backstage at WWE SummerSlam on Sunday, but if he’s going to show up on camera or get involved — well, that’s something that remains to be seen.

[Image via WWE]