Ashley Madison Cheat List Not Reliable: In Case Your Name Appears On This List, You Have Very Good Reasons To Be Excused

Ever since the Ashley Madison website was compromised and confidential information was released and made known to the public, there has been confusion in many homes, and a lot of high-profile individuals whose names appeared on the list had a lot of explanation to make to their significant others in order to save face. It was reported that the Ashley Madison cheat list had the names of highly respected politicians, religious leaders, high-ranking officers in the military, prominent members of society, and so on and so forth. Most divorce attorneys are actually rubbing their hands together in excitement because they are going to have a lot of clients trooping to their offices for legal attention and the need for their services.

Does it mean that when your name appears on the cheat list you are really guilty of the offense of cheating?

The answer is no. Even though it’s an undeniable fact that many people are not satisfied in their marriages and will look elsewhere to indulge in their fantasies, especially with the help of Ashley Madison’s website that is now popularly known for meeting those needs, we also have to put into account that we are living in an age of cyber crime where anything is possible, especially with regard to identity theft.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, who asserts to the fact that cybersecurity is very necessary, defends Apple’s right to protect its customers privacy

“People have entrusted us with their most personal information,” the CEO said. “We owe them nothing less than the best protections that we can possibly provide by harnessing the technology at our disposal. We must get this right. History has shown us that sacrificing our right to privacy can have dire consequences.”

According to CNN Money, the massive data breach at Ashley Madison has exposed about 32 million users, including some 15,000 email addresses from government and military accounts. Also in an analysis by Errata Security CEO Robert Graham, Ashley Madison was accessed over 50 times by more than a dozen users within the Department of Justice’s firewall.

A recent post by New York Daily Newsgives instructions on how you can check what data was taken from Ashley Madison and if your email is on the list.

The million dollar question is, what do you say to your significant other when your name appears on that list?

Repentance and penitence are good starting places. Perhaps, your spouse can forgive. But, she probably will never forget.

[Image via Ashley Madison screen shot]

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