Windows 10 To Receive ‘Unexplained’ Updates From Microsoft

The Register reported this week that attempts to reach out to Microsoft for clarification of recent Windows 10 update packages resulted in confirmation that they plan to roll out some Windows 10 updates without defining their purpose to end users. Their reporter was told simply that the update was to “enhance” Windows 10.

With the Windows 10 update process already involving automatic updates, sometimes with disastrous results, such as the “endless reboot” cycle caused by an early video driver update, it’s unhelpful to Windows 10 users that they now won’t even be told what some of the updates are.

The problems caused by some Windows 10 updates might be temporary annoyances to some home users making light use of their PCs, but for system admins and computer repair businesses, the lack of information could make troubleshooting Windows 10 bugs almost impossible, as reported by ExtremeTech.

On the face of it, Microsoft hasn’t changed policy for Windows 10 as they still are providing similar functionality around describing updates. However it’s clear that Windows 10 updates that are simply described as “enhancing” Windows 10 don’t give users the depth they had before. Then there’s the matter of trust, The Register puts it succinctly.

“To your correspondent’s mind, Microsoft’s stance flies in the face of years of sensible security advice to trust nothing. Asking users to just swallow Windows 10 updates is very hard to consider as best practice.”

To be fair to Microsoft, the overall update and security strategy they’ve implemented in Windows 10 is likely to lead to more secure systems than has been seen in the past where some users left their operating system unpatched. Mandatory, rolling, security updates for Windows 10 will keep systems more secure, in theory. Most users will be happy to have all the Windows 10 security updates applied without reading what they actually changed and would be wise to apply them even if given a choice, in most cases.

However, Windows 10 is likely to find itself in a number of mission critical installations, and providing the extra information for those who are used to reading, understanding, and making decisions based on it seems like a better balance. With the huge range of uses Windows 10 is likely to have over the coming months, it would make sense for Microsoft to continue to provide more detail on updates and more support for users in keeping their systems stable.

It has been embarrassing for Microsoft in the past when they’ve botched and update and had to admit to it and roll out a patch. There is definitely the potential for it to be more damaging, frustrating to Windows 10 users and embarrassing if a similar outcome occurs from a Windows 10 patch and millions of users find their Windows 10 devices inexplicably failing to function correctly.

Have you ever read the old update notes for Windows? Will you miss them in Windows 10 if they vanish permanently?

[Image Source: Microsoft News Center / 220313]