Sam And Nia YouTube Video ‘Forgiven’ Published After Sam Rader’s Name Appears On Ashley Madison List [Video]

The YouTube stars Sam and Nia have had quite the ride as YouTube celebrities over recent weeks. First Sam and Nia went viral in a YouTube video that showed Sam surprising Nia with pregnancy news. According to Sam, he tested Nia’s urine from an unflushed toilet (and once again after surprising her with the pregnancy news) and the couple was overjoyed at the prospect of having another baby. Soon thereafter, Sam and Nia made the news again due to the duo reportedly suffering a miscarriage. The timing of such matters had YouTube viewers wondering if the couple told the truth or had fabricated the events in order to get more YouTube views.

Now Sam and Nia are in the news for a totally different reason. Sam Rader’s name reportedly appeared on the leaked Ashley Madison list, according to the Daily Mail. As such, the YouTube stars began receiving plenty of comments on YouTube from folks wanting a comment about the alleged Ashley Madison involvement. Soon enough, Sam and Nia published the YouTube video titled “Forgiven,” which quickly went viral after being uploaded on August 21.

“The Bible tells us in James to confess our sins to one another and to pray for one another.”

Sam called himself a hopeless sinner in the description of the video, and admitted to creating an Ashley Madison account in 2013. YouTube viewers noted how Nia stared blankly ahead next to him. Gawker was the one to break the news about Sam’s Ashley Madison account. Rader says he didn’t meet up with any woman from Ashley Madison, therefore the paid transaction may have been for Sam to only message women that he claims he never met in person.

“Over 2 years ago I did create the Ashley Madison account. To be clear this was only an account I used to navigate the site in my sinful curiosity and any messages or data pulled from that account would be evidence of that. I absolutely did not meet up or see another woman from the site. It was clearly a bad moment in my life and I acted on a sinful desire to be with another woman but never came close to going through with it.”

Sam says he and Nia plan to move forward with their YouTube channel, not allowing Satan any foothold in their lives. Nia spoke about already forgiving Sam, as Sam spoke of the Ashley Madison issue being in their past and something that Sam had already brought to his church.

“That’s why we need a Savior. Because we’re all doing dumb stuff.”

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