Sam And Nia’s Miscarriage: Viral YouTube Couple Shares Loss Of Baby In ‘Our Baby Had A Heartbeat’ [Video]

Sam and Nia are the adorable YouTube couple who went viral earlier this week due to the way they shared news of their latest pregnancy with their YouTube fans. That video, titled “Husband Shocks Wife with Pregnancy Announcement,” was just uploaded on August 5, and had grown to an amazing 10.5 million views within days.

Plenty of publications reported the news about the husband who told his wife she was pregnant after he’d secretly extracted some of her diluted urine from the toilet and used it for a pregnancy test, as reported by the Huffington Post?. The joy and surprise shared by the couple reverberated around the world — yet the vloggers’ story has taken a sad turn.

Now, that same famous couple is making news once more, with Sam and Nia describing their heartbreak in the YouTube video titled “Our Baby Had a Heartbeat,” published on August 8, and quickly gaining YouTube views.

“You might be wondering why we needed to take a break yesterday…”

In the new video, Sam and Nia cry as they think back to just how happy the news of a new baby had made them.

“We were so happy and we were just laughing. It was a huge celebration. It just hit us like a bomb. Those of you who have experienced miscarriage before — I know can relate. I felt my womb empty out.”

Despite the unexpected loss of their baby, Sam and Nia told their YouTube viewers that they are clinging to their faith and know that the miscarriage happened for some deeper purpose.

“We’re so hurt but we’re so grateful that God used us like this. The Bible says to weep with those who weep and mourn with those who mourn. For the first time we grieved together. Nia and I mourning together like this has made us stronger.”

Sam and Nia said that they appreciate their two children even more after this loss, and they will continue to try to grow their family. The comments section on YouTube is rife with folks pouring out sympathy for Sam and Nia, and there are comments from those claiming the whole episode was fake. Then there are those that are defending the couple against the fake accusations.

As reported by the Inquisitr, when Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg wrote about the miscarriages he’d experienced previously with his wife, he received an outpouring of support from people who’d experienced heartbreaking miscarriages as well.

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