Man’s Sexual Assault Attempt Rebuffed — 15-Year-Old Denies ‘Favor’ At Library

Sean O’Farrell, 40, thought he was going to elicit a “favor” inside a public library from a 15-year-old boy. However, the man’s sexual assault attempt took a turn for the worse.

At the Rancho Cucamonga Library, Sean saw what he thought to be an opportunity to capitalize on the “young and weak.” However, it seems that O’Farrell’s victim knew better than to surrender or submit to his heinous advances. According to NBC 7-San Diego, approximately around 5 p.m. on August 18, 2015, Sean met the teenager in the aforementioned library on the second floor.

Once in the bathroom, O’Farrell began his sexual advances by asking targeted questions. After a series of unwanted inquiries, Sean O’Farrell also asked the boy to perform a paid sexual “favor.” In a form of verbal assault, the 15-year-old felt offended, refused the offer, and left the bathroom. In the next moments, as reports Fontana-Herald News, Sean followed the 15-year-old around the library to other areas.

After becoming alarmed by the stalker-ish behavior, the boy notified library personnel of the sexual predator’s attempts. The library’s employee immediately contacted Rancho Cucamonga’s police department. It’s unreported whether or not O’Farrell was aware of the authorities’ dispatch. However, he didn’t leave the building or the vicinity prior to their arrival.

KTLA-5 reports that, once the officers were on the scene, they interviewed and arrested the alleged sexual predator. They suspect that he’s targeted several public libraries in the same manner.

On his possession, they found various library cards from other facilities in other jurisdictions as well.

As reports Fontana-Herald News, Sean O’Farrell was booked at West Valley Detention Center and charged with “contacting a minor to commit a sexual offense.” O’Farrell’s bail has been set at $25,000, as reports Press Enterprise. Though O’Farrell doesn’t have any prior arrest records, it’s not the first time that authorities have contacted the alleged sexual offender for similar suspicions. NBC 7-San Diego notes as follows.

“The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department does not have any active investigations involving O’Farrell, a spokeswoman says. However, local deputies did contact him in 2010 and 2013 when people at the Solana Beach Library reported a man frequently going to the restroom.”

However, since there was no physical evidence of sexual assault in either of the scenarios, they concluded that no criminal activity could be proven.

The Rancho Cucamonga Police Department is asking others with any information regarding Sean O’Farrell and similar activity to contact them at (909) 477-2800.

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