Twin Brothers Found Dead Hours After Being Shot In An SUV In New Jersey — Passersby Thought They Were Hanging Out

Twenty-six-year-old twin brothers have been found shot to death in a car in Camden, according to breaking reports emerging in online media.

Fox News reports that the twin brothers, Markice and Maurice Harper, both residents of Camden, were found dead in a car in the early hours of Friday morning. Though the cause of the deaths has not been established yet, the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office believes it could be a case of a double homicide. The authorities were informed of the incident when a passing motorist called 911 just after 7:30 a.m. this morning.

Camden is one of the poorest cities in the U.S. state of New Jersey.

The police also believe that the double homicide of the twin brothers was carried out hours before authorities reached the scene of the crime, but since no autopsy has been carried out yet, the reports cannot be confirmed as of this moment.

Passersby at Camden’s Fairview section this morning did not make much of the two brothers hanging out inside the car with the engine running and the light brakes on, until a curious motorist stopped to inspect the car. For the people on the street who were going about their regular early morning business, it was a moment of shock when they realized that the two men inside the car — who looked similar — were actually dead.

Speaking to ABC News, Linette Jenkins, a resident of the area, said she came out of the house when she heard a commotion ensuing from the street.

“I heard by neighbor saying ‘I think there’s somebody dead out here in this car.’ And that’s when I came and everybody came running out and there were two people slouched over in the car dead.”

Two women, who did not wish to be named, said the twin Harper brothers grew up around the area and actually led very simple lives. They said they could not possibly fathom what grudge anybody could have against the brothers.

“They grew up across the street. We used to go over to their house all the time. All the time.”

“They were just sitting there, and it looked like they were just chilling, thought maybe they were waiting for somebody. Now a mom’s got to bury two kids. That’s messed up. That’s so messed up.”

One friend, who did not wish to be named, said the two brothers had bought the car only a week ago — a Jeep Cherokee — which could perhaps be connected to the crime, but anything substantial cannot be said of a supposed connection.

“They only had it for about a week. Like, we knew that was their car, we just saw them in it two days ago.”

The Camden’s County Police said in a news release that detectives are working to determine a motive, but that there have been no leads or arrests in the case so far.

Crime rates in Camden, a city of 77,000 located across the river from Philadelphia, are some of the highest in the United States.

The authorities have urged anyone with information about the double shooting of the twin brothers to contact Camden County Prosecutor’s Office Detective Mike Sutley at (856) 614-8003 or Camden County Police Department Detective Ted Desantis at (856) 757-7420.

A cash award of $2,500 is being offered for an arrest and conviction of the killer.

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