Presidential Candidate Deez Nuts Polls At 9 Percent: Highest Independent Poll Numbers Since Ross Perot

An unlikely presidential candidate named Deez Nuts, from Iowa, has surprisingly high polling numbers despite the fact that the candidate is a 15-year-old farm boy. Deez Nuts registered for the presidential election as an Independent but has been received with open arms by many voters according to recent polls. In fact, Deez Nuts has such high polling numbers he is being hailed a the most successful Independent candidate since Ross Perot nearly two decades ago.

The Guardian reports that Deez Nuts is actually a 15-year-old farm boy from Iowa named Brady Olson. The presidential hopeful is entering his sophomore year of high school and says that he entered the presidential race to “clear the way for a future third-party movement.” While his official candidate name may be unusual, the teen from Iowa is proving his point as polling numbers suggest people are not happy with the current two party system.

“First he (Deez Nuts) won 9% of the vote as an independent in a Public Policy Polling poll of voters in North Carolina – which, on top of recent results of 8% in Minnesota and 7% in Iowa from previous polls, makes him what experts confirmed is the most successful independent candidate for president in two decades.”

Following his new found fame, Deez Nuts has taken his campaign to the web and outlined his stance on a number of political issues including immigration and giving voting rights to citizens of American Samoa. He says that he realizes that people are simply drawn to his name right now, but hope that the media attention will draw people to his platform page.

“It’s amazing how this campaign caught on. Right now it’s mainly just the name recognition, but hopefully as we go down the stretch people will actually take the time to look at my campaign website and look at my platform.”

The New York Times reports that Tom Jensen from Public Policy Polling only added Deez Nuts to the polling to provide comic relief to voters with such a long list of candidates. However, he says the polls speak volumes about the state of American politics.

“I would say Mr. Nuts is the most ludicrous and unqualified third-party candidate you could have, but he’s still polling at 7, 8, 9 percent. Right now the voters don’t like either of the people leading in the two main parties, and that creates an appetite for a third-party candidate.”

Do you agree? With Deez Nuts achieving the highest Independent polling numbers since Ross Perot, does it signify the American public is ready for a third-party president?

[Image Credit: Getty Images/ Scott Olsen]

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