Maine Mom Stabbed To Death By Head-Shaved Woman At Grocery Store Over ‘Funny Look’

A Maine mom, 59, was stabbed to death by a shaved-head woman at a grocery store. Wendy Boudreau, a mother of five and cancer survivor, was the victim of an attack the suspect had planned for a month before entering the Saco Shaw’s supermarket with a knife. Connor MacCalister, 31, has been arrested and reportedly confessed to the crime.

An employee in the bakery department told Maine police she watched Connor MacCalister approach Wendy Boudreau in the ice cream section and slit her throat. The violent murder occurred just before 3 p.m. The employee and two EMTs, who just happened to be in the grocery store, ran to Boudreau and tried to help the fatally wounded woman.

When the trio asked MacCalister why she slit the throat of the victim, she allegedly replied, “She looked at me funny.”

Police records indicate that the accused murdered told other Saco supermarket witnesses that she was “off her medications.” Two unidentified people held the head-shaved woman down until the police arrived and she could be taken into custody.

saco shaw's
Wendy Boudreau

During an interview with Maine investigators, MacCalister reportedly said she was “angry with life” and had a desire to “get back at” someone. She allegedly wanted to attack multiple people in the grocery store but for an unknown reason, stopped after killing Boudreau.

“She wanted to target a small elderly female whom she knew wouldn’t resist,” the MacCalister arrest affidavit says.

The murder suspect also reportedly went by the name Tenisha Amber Hopkins until 2005 when a legal change was made. MacCalister was living in a Biddeford group home and was arrested in 2012 on a criminal mischief charge.

Megan Fecteau Boudreau, the victim’s daughter-in-law, shared her thoughts about the tragedy and the grief experienced by the family on Facebook.

“Yesterday’s events have truly changed our lives forever. My kids are so devastated, they loved their grandmother so much, she was a huge presence in their lives. Wendy adored her children and grandchildren, she did so much for all of us that I am not sure how we will go on without her. I truly hate this woman who has done this to my children. It was such a senseless act, done for no reason other than to inflict pain. She had no idea the amount of lives she affected when she decided to use a knife against my mother in law.”

A memorial service for Wendy Boudreau will be held in Saco, Maine, on Sunday.

[Images via Maine Police and Facebook]

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