Ashley Madison Hack Update: Journalist Grapples With Publishing Ashley Madison Names

The Ashley Madison hack has caused all sorts of fallout. Suggestions on what hacked Ashley Madison users can do after the hack abound, as reported by the Inquisitr. There is talk of lawsuits against Ashley Madison, and reports of hacked users getting contacted by reporters in hopes of learning more about their experience after the hacking.

One such place that has plenty of Ashley Madison updates includes Reddit, where a reporter reached out to others as the journalist grappled with his or her boss at a small newspaper who was asking that the names of Ashley Madison users be published in their local publication. Calling his or her account on Reddit a throwaway account for obvious reasons of privacy, the reporter describes wrestling with a supervisor who wants local celebrities outed. The “Can my boss force me to do something I’m uncomfortable with?” post received a variety of responses.

“I work as an editor for a small newspaper. I had heard about the list being leaked for the Ashley Madison site, but didn’t think much of it. Tonight my boss sent me an email with the list and the names of politicians/local figures in the community (some of whom I know) on that list and is demanding that I research it and write a story exposing them. I feel extremely uncomfortable with this.”

While some of the postings are jokes, like the supposed man who felt crushed and betrayed after supposedly finding his wife’s name on the hacked list of Ashley Madison users, but turns out to be a joke because the original poster didn’t add the word “serious” to his or her post, the one written by the journalist smacks of truth.

“I called him and told him my position and a long list of completely valid reasons why this isn’t something we should pursue, and why I personally did not want to handle the story. He is pushing back and won’t accept any of my reasons. He’s adamant. I’m already looking for different jobs but haven’t locked one down 100% yet and I’m scared of standing my ground ethically and morally, and also keeping my job. What can I/should I do?”

As that post continues to receive advice, more fallout continues as the Ashley Madison cheaters list has been made searchable online, reports Fox 8. And as folks write about being blackmailed, others learn they can’t hire a hacker to erase their names from the leaked Ashley Madison list, reports Fast Company.

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