Ashley Madison List Of Names, Email Addresses: Reporters Contact Hack Victims As Class-Action Lawsuit Talk Rises

Another day, and more fallout from the Ashley Madison list of usernames being made public, as reported by the Inquisitr. (No names from the Ashley Madison hacked list of names will appear in this article.) An anonymous Reddit user reported his “TIFU” report — which stands for “today I f***** up” in the website’s parlance. The man describes signing up for Ashley Madison six years ago, as a young 20-something fresh off of a break up and giving the new world of online dating a try. Plenty of Fish and OKCupid dating websites ruled the roost, but he tried Ashley Madison. He reported leaving Ashley Madison alone once he discovered it cost money. Now he’s primed to marry in three weeks and shudders to think about telling his new bride about signing up for Ashley Madison at one point in time.

“I got an email yesterday from a Buzzfeed reporter asking me if he could ask me some questions because he pulled my email from the hack list. I was floored. I’ve talked to a class action lawyer that is going after Ashley Madison for damages. To make matters worse I have to tell my future wife that I just got outed for being signed up to a infidelity website. My wedding is in three weeks!”

When the nameless man posted his TIFU lesson, Redditors quickly pounced — asking for proof of the reporter’s contact and information about the class action lawsuit. Plus, in true techie fashion, they dogged out his choice of fonts for the “Ashley Madison Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit” email and for the “Ashley Madison hack story” email received from a reporter.

The two images have received more than 273,000 views in the nine hours since it was posted to, and the first points to the class action lawsuit against Ashley Madison

“Thank you for contacting my law firm regarding the Ashley Madison data breach class action lawsuit. I would like to set up a time for us to talk over the telephone as soon as you are available.”

Next, the Ashley Madison Data Breach page linked to as proof listed information from the Abington Cole + Ellery law firm about the hacking. They are a boutique law firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“Ashley Madison Data Breach Class Action Investigation: Abington Cole + Ellery is currently investigating a confirmed data breach at online dating site This data breach reportedly affects as many as 37 million individuals.”

The second screenshot shows contact from a BuzzFeed reporter.

“I realize this is a very sensitive, and possibly painful matter. But as you may be aware, the email addresses of over 37 million people were released on Tuesday by hackers who claim to have breached Ashley Madison, the affairs site. Your email address (this email address) is among those listed. Again, I understand this is an extraordinarily sensitive matter. And I intend to treat it, and you, with the utmost respect. But I would very much like to talk to you about the impact of this on your life. Do you have a few minutes for a phone call? I can certainly preserve your anonymity, if you would like for me to do so. But I think it’s important for people to see how this hack has impacted real people’s lives.”

The email is signed with the BuzzFeed News New York address. With 37 million email addresses on the list of hacked Ashley Madison user names, one must estimate that certain reporters are sending tons of emails out over the past few days.

[Image via Ashley Madison]

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