Betty White’s Presidential Pick: Obama

Betty White is not afraid to throw her support behind incumbent President Barak Obama.

The actress made her official endorsement on Friday, after stating that she does not usually tell anyone who she is voting for.

The AP reports, however, that the 90-year-old actress, who says she has always been bi-partisan, likes what Obama has done, and “how he represents us.”

White, who does not want to turn off any fans by declaring who she will vote for, decided to put aside her normal routine this year, and say that she “very, very much favors” the current president.

According to Huffington Post, the “Golden Girls” actress’s comments come after a Hollywood start studded event at George Clooney’s home on Thursday raised $15 million for Obama’s re-election campaign.

The price tag on the prestigious event, which took place at Clooney’s Los Angeles home, was a whopping $40,000 per person.

The amount is a record for any single fundraiser, but with actors like Robert Downey Jr., Tobey Maguire, Eddie Murphy, Billy Crystal, Salma Hayek and Jack Black, it is not surprising that they were able to raise that much.

Betty White joins more than 150 stars who have officially endorsed President Obama in the coming November election.

The actress, who has somewhat of a cult following with younger generations, is set to visit the Smithsonian Institution and the National Zoo in the coming week, usually stays away from politics. With this year’s upcoming election, however, it appears that she, along with other Americans who are usually silent about their political preferences, have decided to make their presence known.

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