‘Bears In The Pool!’ — Family Of Black Bears Take A Dip In Backyard Pool [Video]

There are bears in the pool! That’s the refrain that can be heard on a viral YouTube video from the Basso Family. The female black bear and her five cubs proved to have an adorable time playing in the blue backyard pool and cooling off as the video was recorded.

“They stole my floaty! One is using my car! I think it’s the baby…”

The 11-minute video, originally published on August 18, has gained nearly 10,000 views on the Basso YouTube channel. Most of the adorable-ness includes the commentary from the family. A dog barks as the dad worries about the mother black bear potentially knocking down the pool. A little girl can be heard bemoaning the fact that the black bears are playing with all her toys.

“Bad Mommy bear! Bad Mommy! No going on the swing, Mommy!”

The bears have an absolutely fun time as it is noted that the mother bear is tagged with an “earring” in her ear.

“A family of bears who took over an above-ground pool near my friend’s house in Rockaway, New Jersey. The cubs have a blast playing with pool toys under mama’s watchful eye. Funny commentary provided by Anonymous Bemused Child.”

The black bears caught on video wreak havoc in the backyard, reports CBS Local, as they use the entire backyard as their playground, including the pool and swing set and slide.

Tim Basso can be heard in the viral YouTube video, concerned about how much the black bears were messing up the family’s pool. Of the two Basso daughters, aged 3 and 5, one can be heard more than the other, continually bemoaning the “bad bears” for messing up the swimming pool.

The Basso YouTube channel contains three videos that show the bears frolicking and having the time of their lives in the pool.

As noted by those commenting on the story on News 12 New Jersey, having five black bear cubs is very rare — and rarer still is catching the whole lot of them playing in a backyard pool. At one point, the family worried that the mother bear would electrocute herself from chewing on an electrical cord. Once the police show up, the little girl worries because she’s never seen police before.

“It’s a boy police.”

As reported by the Inquisitr, another viral YouTube video besides the black bears in the pool video is a deleted scene from Friends.

“Maybe they’re scared of the police.”

One girl reasons that perhaps the black bears leave after their mother climbs the fence because they are afraid.

[Image via YouTube]