Florida Fugitive Taunts Authorities On Sheriff’s Office Official Facebook Page, Gets Caught

Logan “Finallyfree” Hale, 21, was a fugitive wanted by the the Polk County Sheriff’s Office for his involvement in the burglary of a Lakeland home on August 3. Hale, together with his accomplice, then pawned their loot.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office posted a message on their Facebook, seeking help from citizens for the arrest of Hale. On August 14, the Sheriff’s Office posted that Tyler Thornton, Hale’s accomplice, was already in custody, but they are still looking for Hale. To their surprise, Logan posted a comment to the post saying, “HELLO here i am…..” Authorities responded by saying that he should turn himself in, as TIME reports.


On August 18, four days after the post, Hale again posted on the same post saying, “Deputies continue to look for me but Are frustrated that i am unable to be located….”

Logan Facebook

Logan Facebook 1

Sheriff Facebook

Polk County deputies said that Logan “Finallyfree” Hale and his accomplice, Thornton, has been jailed a total of five times in the past, and they are hoping that this would be the sixth time.

On Thursday, Donna Wood, the Public Information Officer, said that Hale still remained at large despite the back and forth between him and the deputies on Facebook. However, she said that Hale’s post on Facebook will help authorities capture him.

“That’s not the best choice for his interest if he wants to evade capture, but we appreciate the help from him.”

The post and conversations between the authorities and Logan “Finallyfree” Hale were liked by many people, some supporting him, while others telling him to give himself up to the deputies. One comment, however, was from someone that Logan actually knew. As the NY Daily News reports, Logan’s ninth grade teacher commented on the #FelonFridays post about him.

The teacher, Mary Lynn Higgs, said that Logan was a polite boy back when he was her student.

“You were always so polite and nice to me, and I always liked you. Because of that, I want to help you,” Higgs commented. She then urged Hale to turn himself in, saying that he is still young and can turn his life around. “Serve your time and use it to study… You still have a chance to become something good. Do it.” Higgs, wrote.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office posted an update on Facebook, saying that they finally caught Logan “Finallyfree” Hale. With their success in capturing the fugitive, Sheriff Grady Judd described Logan’s taunts on Facebook as an epic fail.

Sheriff Caught Logan

[Images via Polk County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook]

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