Washington Dad Squeezed His Baby To Death

A Washington, D.C. father has been charged with murder after authorities say he admitted to squeezing his five-week-old baby to death. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that Robert Smith, Jr. admitted to squeezing the child more than once in a series of violent incidents that led to his tragic death. The details surrounding this case are heartbreaking, and now a mother is left without her child.

The Washington Post reports that the Washington man allegedly killed his infant son on August 4 after he wouldn’t stop crying. The 28-year-old man told authorities that he “grabbed” his son before squeezing him tightly around his midsection, which is something he admits to doing on more than one occasion. During this particular incident, he squeezed the little boy until he heard something crack and pop. He then put the baby back in his crib, and left him to suffer from multiple injuries associated with the squeezing.

The infant’s mother, who had no clue about what happened, tried to feed the baby later that morning. However, the child would not take his bottle. She reportedly assumed that the father had already fed him, so she put him back to bed. When she checked on the infant later, she realized he was not breathing. That is when Robert Smith decided to administer CPR.

Medical examiners found that the child had sustained numerous injuries — both old and new. He reportedly suffered from a broken wrist, fractured vertebra and a scab on the back of his head. He did not survive. Smith has shown regret for his actions, calling himself a “monster,” after admitting to squeezing the boy like a tube of toothpaste.

Sadly, this is far from the only case of child abuse in the headlines that has ended in death. Inquisitr News previously reported on the shocking death of a Utah toddler that was beaten to death because he had soiled his diaper. In 2014 a Pennsylvania child was reportedly “tortured” by his mother and her boyfriend over a course of at least three days before he died. The child, who was only three-years-old, was hung upside down and beaten repeatedly. The day he died, he was taped to a chair and “pummeled” by the couple until he “went limp.” In another horrific story of child abuse, a 24-year-old Washington father reportedly threw his six-week-old son after getting “annoyed.” The child died from the injuries he sustained during the incident.

Photo: Robert Smith Jr., via Liveleak

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