Did Lala Anthony Cheat On Husband Carmelo Anthony? Lala Responds

Lala Anthony is being accused of cheating on her husband, Carmelo Anthony. The two have been together for since 2004 and share a child together, but now someone is coming out to accuse Lala of cheating on Carmelo behind his back.

According to Complex, an Instagram user by the name of “iluvpatricele” accused Lala of cheating on Carmelo with her boyfriend. The woman decided to take to Instagram to slam Lala for her alleged indiscretions. According to people on Instagram, the “boyfriend” that the user is referring to is known as rapper Maino.

At the time, the Instagram user wrote, “Does your husband know that your h– a– has been f—ing my daughter’s father. That you slept over his house the other night after the movies. A man that is with me and his family every damn night. How does it feel to be the s–t responsible for his daughter never waking up to her father ever again! You can keep the clown cause we don’t want the bum n—- no more. All yours h–.”

Attached to the note is the Knicks basketball player’s Instagram handle.

Lala Anthony hasn’t come forward to refute the allegations that she’s cheating on her husband, but her last tweet is pretty telling. On Twitter, Lala decided to link an Instagram video. In the video, she’s posing with Carmelo as she lip sync’s to Meek Mill’s “All Eyes On You.” This might be her way of saying that this is nothing but a rumor.

That said, Twitter seems to be having fun with the allegations that Lala cheated on Carmelo. The MTV VJ-turned-actress’ name started trending as soon as news hit the web.

[Photo by Charley Gallay / Getty Images]