Sofia Vergara And Joe Manganiello: The Wedding Invitations Are Out!

We’ve been hearing about Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s wedding for a few months now. Throughout their time in the press, they both stated that they didn’t have enough time to sit down and decide on a date for their wedding. Well now it looks like the love birds have finally set a date for the big day. After months of not giving up a date to the press, Vergara and Manganiello sent out wedding invitations to their guests.

According to E!, the outlet was tipped off that Joe and Sofia’s wedding invitations were sent out. So when and where are they getting married? Well, according to the source, Vergara and Manganiello are going to get married in November of this year. Instead of getting hitched in Los Angeles, like they expected, they’re saying “I do” in Palm Beach Florida at Hotel Breakers.

Although Los Angeles seemed like a good venue for the couple since that’s where they live, Vergara might have nixed that idea early on.

“I want all the people from Columbia and South America and from Europe to be able to make it to the wedding and Los Angeles is very far away from everything,” the Colombian-born actress said.

The couple were spotted looking at venues earlier in the year in Palm Beach so it isn’t a surprise that that’s the location they decided on in the end.

According to a source close to the couple, “I’ve never seen two people so truly in love. The way they talk to each other, touch each other. It’s incredible.”

Manganiello, who was very open about his crush on Sofia from very early on, had said that he didn’t waste time once he heard that she had split from Nick Loeb. In fact, according to Mail Online, Manganiello flew from Los Angeles to the set of her film Hot Pursuit in New Orleans to court the Modern Family star.

“So I flew out there and took her out on a date. She’s blamed me ever since for ruining her life because she was supposed to be single. But I didn’t let that happen. And here we are.”

Originally the wedding was set for March, but we’re not too sure what happened there. Our guess is that both stars were too busy. That said, the two are thinking about their future together despite their busy careers. It’s said that Vergara wants to use a surrogate so that she and Joe can have a child together.

[Photo by Araya Diaz / Getty Images]