Cheating Boyfriend Burned: Girlfriend Sets Cheating Boyfriend’s Penis On Fire, Scorching Revenge Video Goes Viral [Video]

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

One cheating boyfriend definitely knows exactly what this means now. Based on the latest viral revenge clip, most viewers will probably agree that this guy’s girlfriend falls into the “scorned” category. Now, footage of her shocking plot for revenge has gone viral. The short clip, which surfaced on Facebook and World Star Hip Hop earlier this week, begins with her unassuming boyfriend lying in bed sleep. The girlfriend, whose face is never seen, pulls the covers back and pours liquid over her boyfriend’s underwear. At first, most would probably assume the liquid is just water, but when she pulls out a lighter, things take a horrific turn.

By the time most viewers make the shocking realization, she’s already set him on fire. Initially, he doesn’t move, but it definitely doesn’t take long for the heat to penetrate his underwear. In a matter of seconds, he bolts from the bed, attempting to put the fire out, but of course, he gets no help from his jilted girlfriend. In fact, the only effort she made was to explain why she’d set him on fire. Based on her account, her cheating boyfriend decided to have an affair with one of her co-workers, reports the Daily Mail. Needless to say, she was livid when she learned of his infidelity. So, she decided to get even.

Although the girlfriend’s jaw-dropping actions have caught the attention of thousands via social media, she’s definitely not the first to orchestrate a plot for revenge. As previously reported on Inquisitr, a number of cheating debacles have also gone viral, and this particular incident has sparked yet another interesting debate. Surprisingly, many male viewers have actually defended the cheating boyfriend by insisting the girlfriend may have done something to motivate his actions, while others simply provided generalized reasons to justify cheating. However, others argue that there is a way to avoid cheating altogether — simply break-up with the person instead of deceiving them.

Here are some of the responses via WSHH.

“Guys cheat because they were never serious about the relationship to begin with (which you should have picked up on) or because the b**ch drove them away with her ‘do everything for me’ attitude.”

“We were made to reproduce, not be tied to one woman. That’s why most of us cheat. It’s in our nature to reproduce,” another viewer said.

What do you think about the video? Of course, the girlfriend’s actions were outrageous, but should the guy’s cheating be justified? Share your thoughts.

[Image(s) via WSHH Screen Captures]

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