‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers For Week 8: Eviction Plan Seemingly Set, Will It Be Becky Or John?

Big Brother 17 spoilers for the Week 8 eviction seem to indicate that a plan is set and the houseguests are standing firm. Just who will be the next houseguest headed out the door? How are things shaping up for Week 9?

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Liz Nolan is the Head of Household winner this week, and she also won the Power of Veto. Liz nominated John McGuire and Becky Burgess, and she kept those nominations in place with the POV ceremony.

Though Liz, Julia, and Austin had toyed with the idea of backdooring Vanessa, they decided to stick with keeping Becky and John on the block. As Big Brother Network notes, Becky has been the target all week, and Big Brother spoilers indicate that the plan seems to have stuck.

Heading into Thursday’s vote, Austin, Steve, Julia, and Vanessa are all planning to vote out Becky over John. Talk from James and Meg overnight seem to indicate they’re ready to vote Becky out, as well. If that is how this goes, viewers may see a 6-0 vote evicting Becky from the house.

With Becky’s fate seemingly sealed for Week 8, talk is turning to Week 9. As Buddy TV teases, Vanessa may well find herself becoming a target for eviction again. Liz, Austin, and Julia are definitely at the point of considering her a significant threat. However, a lot will depend on who wins the Head of Household competition on Thursday night.

Big Brother spoilers tease that Austin was talking a bit Wednesday night about how his group may not want HOH for Week 9. Rather, he says, it may be better for Johnny Mac or James to have that power and target one another. In any case, it would seem that Austin is feeling confident that he and his inner circle will be fairly safe this coming week, though Vanessa may be facing some trouble.

The houseguests are fully expecting to see a jury member return to the house soon, and host Julie Chen has shared some teases that point in that direction. Fans will have to stay tuned to see just when and how this jury member return comes about, assuming that it’s going to happen.

Just what will the vote be in Thursday night’s eviction? Will Becky Burgess go to the jury house as expected? Who will win HOH for Week 9? Tune in to Big Brother 17 airing on August 20 to see just what comes next.

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