Where Is Noel Biderman? Probably In Hiding

Where is Noel Biderman? That’s the thought that likely comes to mind about the “King of Infidelity” as a woman finds out via live radio that her husband was an Ashley Madison member, and as Twitter is busy removing accounts that expose names from the infamous hacking, as reported by the Inquisitr. The Twitter account of the President of Avid Life Media Inc. and Founder and Chief Executive Officer at The Ashley Madison Agency has been notoriously quiet since May 17, when Biderman retweeted an article about Noel regarding cheating and morality.

Indeed, Biderman would likely do well not to face plenty of those angered by the exposure of the Ashley Madison hacking, as they may look towards Noel as the source of their rage — and not themselves. For now, the author of the book First Bump is having his wisdom dispensed in articles online and interviews that occurred prior to the big hacking.

In articles like “The Creator of AshleyMadison.com Told Us Why Men Start Cheating When Their Wives Are Pregnant,” Biderman explained how his own 12-year marriage was — as far as he knew — free of cheating. Noel spoke of gaining the idea for Ashley Madison after working as a sports agent and dealing with players who actually had two wives in different cities. He spoke of broaching the subject of the creating the cheating website with his wife, and how he convinced her to look at it as a business opportunity. Biderman spoke of explaining it to his children someday and how they’d be smart enough to understand. Noel also spoke of loving two people at the same time — and wondered aloud why the type of love parents can display simultaneously for more than one child can’t be used as the same philosophy for a woman, for example, loving two men romantically at the same time.

However, reports from the Business Insider show that Biderman’s business raked in about $2 million just from the “paid delete” option alone. It was a service that promised Ashley Madison users who paid for it that their data would be wiped clean and unfindable. It’s a service that those who’ve had their names published on the web are likely calling a scam today. It’s something that Noel bragged was the forerunner in technology to the disappearing Snapchat photos type of technology.

With Biderman’s name probably dripping off the lips of those spewing vitriol in relation to Noel, one wonders if his career will ever recover — and if Noel is in some kind of hiding as secure as a witness protection program, even as folks set up Google Alerts on his name. Chances are, Biderman won’t be asked to give any phone interviews or TED Talks soon — unless they involved recovering from huge business failures.

“Business Insider got in touch with Biderman’s representatives in London and the US but they were not immediately available for an update.”

[Image via Noel Biderman / Twitter]

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