Jimmy Fallon Convinces Zac Efron To Smash Eggs On His Head On ‘Tonight Show’ [Video]

Jimmy Fallon hosted Zac Efron on his show on August 17, 2015, but you can bet that Zac wasn’t planning to be covered in breakfast food when he returned from his visit.

Efron started the guest appearance with an interview, where he and Jimmy talked about everything from his recent work in the movie We Are Your Friends to Zac’s stare-down with a 14-foot shark. Zac explained how, when faced with a shark that could easily have done damage to him, he chose to grab on to the shark’s fin and ride it back to his boat.

While Efron is clearly a fearless guy, he couldn’t have been ready for the challenge that Jimmy Fallon lined up for him that evening. The game was called “Egg Russian Roulette,” and it’s as nerve-wracking and messy as it sounds.

Celebrity Gossip noted how Steve Higgins explained the game of Egg Russian Roulette.

“Here in my hand I have one dozen eggs. Eight of them have been hard boiled; four of them are still raw and uncooked. You and Zac are to select one egg at a time and smash them upon the top of your head. You won’t know which eggs are raw and which eggs are not but once you choose, you must smash that egg upon your head. First one to smash two raw eggs on their heads loses.”

After Higgins dramatic introduction to the game, Efron looked a tiny bit nervous. But, brave man that he is, he continued on with little fear. “I have no fear of eggs!” he bravely touted, before smashing the first egg on to his head. Us Weekly explained Zac Efron‘s very first egg-sperience with Egg Russian Roulette. (Come on, you didn’t expect to get all the way through this without at least one egg-related pun, did you?)

“‘I feel like I’m in the last scene of Deer Hunter right now,’ Efron told his opponent as he tried to choose which egg to smash first. ‘Ah, you can kind of tell,’ he said as he held up his first choice. ‘You can’t tell,’ said Fallon, ominously. ‘I’ve played the game before, that’s what makes it fun. You can’t tell.’ “

Thankfully for Zac, his first egg was hard-boiled, so there was no mess — he confidently tossed the egg over his shoulder once he was done. Jimmy Fallon wasn’t so brave — while he picked his first egg blindly, he began muttering about how it felt like the egg might’ve had something “goopy” inside. Jimmy’s first egg, however, was also hard-boiled. Both of them got lucky on their first try, but their luck didn’t hold out.

Zac took a page from Jimmy Fallon’s book, and picked his second egg blind. Immediately on picking it up, he decided that “this one is wet” — but he kept up his brave face and smashed it over his head, letting the eggy goo spread all over his head and shoulders. “I loved this suit before,” he noted. Jimmy Fallon’s next egg was hard-boiled, as was Zac’s. Fallon’s luck couldn’t hold out, though – he prepped himself by yelling incoherent syllables loudly, but nothing could quite ready him for the egg running down his forehead and face.

Zac ended up “winning” the game (are there really any winners in this game?), as Jimmy pulled and smashed two raw eggs, while Efron only pulled one. This game was an audience favorite – seeing both Jimmy and Zac covered in egg was a special kind of delight. You could even say it was egg-celent.

[Photo: Slaven Vlasic, Timothy Hiatt / Getty Images]

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