Jimmy Fallon Shoves Kevin Spacey In A Phone Booth With Other Celebrities [Video]

Jimmy Fallon decided to press his guests into trying out a new game on August 14, 2015, which he entitled “Phone Booth.” Jimmy and a guest from the show both get trapped in their own individual phone booths. The game is, at its core, a trivia game — but if one of the two people answers a trivia question wrong, they get a “stranger from the mystery bench” joining them in their phone booth.

Steve Higgins was in charge of explaining the game to the audience, as well as asking the questions of both Jimmy and Kevin. Jimmy Fallon’s guest for this game was Kevin Spacey, the Emmy-nominated star of the show House of Cards.

The first one to answer a question wrong was Spacey, who couldn’t identify what a Manhattan drink was made from. Keegan-Michael Key, another guest on the show for that evening, gently joined Spacey in his booth, all while the two rustled and muttered at each other, attempting to make the situation more comfortable for the both of them.

When Jimmy Fallon answered his next question right, guessing that Rihanna had more No. 1 singles than Madonna, Karl-Anthony Towns was forced into Kevin Spacey’s booth. It was clear to see that Towns, the No. 1 pick for the 2015 NBA draft, was only barely going to fit into the booth.

Mashable had a favorite line from the skit, from Jimmy Fallon himself, which he said shortly after Towns joined the booth.

“Our favorite line from the game comes from Fallon, reacting to Towns working his way into Spacey’s booth: ‘Look at how sweaty it is in that booth. Hahaha! Woohoo!’ “

Just when the audience thought Spacey’s booth couldn’t fit any more people, Kevin got yet another question wrong, and was sentenced to have another star squeeze in. Jimmy Fallon himself almost split his sides when Mae Whitman, the actress known for her role in Arrested Development, squished into the last remaining space in the phone booth.

Lastly, when asked what astrological sign a baby born on that day would have, Jimmy Fallon was prompted by the audience to give the correct answer, “Leo”… meaning Spacey had yet another guest to get comfy with! Winner of the Triple Crown on American Pharaoh, Victor Espinoza, came dashing out in all of his horse-riding gear, only to be unceremoniously stuck into the phone booth with Spacey.

CDA News had a detailed breakdown of the events, including the final question of that evening’s Jimmy Fallon skit.

“It was time for the final question. Somebody dressed up like ET came onto the stage, then Hashtag the Panda, then Big Bird. The question was for Spacey. ‘How many letters are in the word claustrophobia?’ He and everybody in his phone booth talked it over, and he answered ’14’. Since Spacey answered correctly, he got to jam everybody into Fallon’s booth, as the game concluded.”

This skit is sure to become an audience favorite, assuming that Jimmy Fallon wishes to use it again. The audience was crippled with laughter as well-known stars were smooshed together in the phone booth. Our only question – how did they get the stars back out of the booth at the end of the skit?

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