Jimmy Fallon Gets Personal With Reba McEntire, Discusses Henry Cavill’s ‘Unsavory’ Exercise Regime [Video]

Jimmy Fallon knows how to find the humor in the simplest things (and the most awkward moments). Jimmy showcased that skill on August 12, 2015, where he brought out the funny side in guests Reba McEntire and Henry Cavill.

The Audience Suggestion Box is what summoned the famous country singer Reba to the stage. A request from an audience member (Dan Locker) was that Jimmy Fallon recruit McEntire to do what’s known as a “close-up serenade,” where a singer gets right in the face of their “victim” and sings them a touching song. Not only did Jimmy Fallon make this dream come to life for the eager audience member, but Reba’s theatrics and singing blew the scene right out of the water. Jimmy joined in on the fun, getting incredibly intimate with Dan’s face, stroking and touching it whenever possible. Jimmy even went as far as to poke Dan directly in the eye, causing the audience member to laugh and cringe.

Us Magazine noted that this appearance by Reba McEntire was the first since she and her husband announced their divorce earlier in the month.

“McEntire and Blackstock, 58, announced their split on Aug. 3, in a statement from the Big Machine Label Group. ‘Despite this being the end of their marriage, they continue to support each other,’ the statement read. ‘They have worked together for 35 years and will continue to do so. They have asked that you respect their privacy during this time.’ “

Reba also stayed on until later in the show, where she performed her new single, “Until They Don’t Love You.”

Henry Cavill was another guest that had the humor brought out of him by Jimmy Fallon – while the majority of his time spent on the show was spent discussing his role in the new film The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Henry was also coaxed into “admitting” what sort of cardio workouts he pursues to keep in shape. Jimmy Fallon asked “for curiosity’s sake,” what cardio exercises Cavill did to keep in “Superman-level shape.” Henry bobbed his eyebrows at the audience and gave them a knowing smile. Jimmy, not initially getting the joke, admitted his surprised that Cavill did no cardio at all. Henry then assured him he did do cardio exercises — of a sort.

Hollywood Life explained how the Henry Cavill interview got incredibly “hot” incredibly quickly.

“Jimmy asked Henry how he stays in shape and he cheekily responded: ‘I run. That’s the savory answer.’ Then he also said: ‘I think they get it,’ as he gazed out into the audience with a smirk. Jimmy then laughed and Henry said: ‘I try.’ “

Between Reba and Henry, Jimmy had a lot of comedy on his hands during The Tonight Show. Comical musical guests and lewd “exercise” references are just par for the course that Jimmy Fallon has set up for his audience, and they eat it up every time (and always ask for more). After all, it was only a few nights ago that Jimmy Fallon was fat-shamed by Kristen Stewart.

[Photo: Ethan Miller, Mike Coppola / NBC / Getty Images]

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