Ted Cruz Appears To Be Angling For Spot As Donald Trump’s Running Mate

Ted Cruz might be flagging a bit in the polls, but the senator from Texas isn’t going to let a little thing like a lack of support derail his aims at getting into the White House. As Ted Cruz finds the sledding increasingly difficult and Donald Trump finds his numbers only going up, it appears Cruz might be thinking about winning the 2016 Presidential election as a running mate, rather than the main attraction.

In recent days, Donald Trump has made quite a bit of noise talking about things like deporting every single illegal immigrant in the country. This is apparently something the only presidential candidate with the first name of Ted agrees with. Ted Cruz also likes the fact that Donald Trump is talking about getting rid of the 14th Amendment. By doing away with that particular amendment, the country would no longer have birthright citizenship. While there have been a few political people to talk about this move, it’s the first time such a position has been advocated by someone who might actually win his party’s primary in quite some time.

Since Donald Trump rolled out his immigration reform plan, Ted Cruz has sounded less like a political enemy and more like a political ally. NBC News reports that Ted Cruz recently sat down for an interview on the Michael Medved show and applauded Trump for espousing the approach of getting rid of the 14th Amendment.

“I welcome Donald Trump articulating this view,” the Texas senator said.

“It is a view I have long held. We should end granting automatic birthright citizenship to the children of those who are here illegally.”

Ted Cruz isn’t the only Republican candidate who agrees with The Donald. Bobby Jindal said he believes it makes sense, because doing away with birthright citizenship would mean that there aren’t any more reasons for people to come here illegally. While there are others who agree with Trump, Ted Cruz is the only one so far who has invited the billionaire to travel with him to the US-Mexico border. The Washington Post reports the Senator also told Michael Medved that, “I’m glad he’s in the race and he manages to attract a lot of attention and actually to force the media to talk about issue that the media should have been talking about, in particular illegal immigration.”

Because of this, Ted Cruz wants The Donald to go with him to see what the senator sees. It seems likely that this kind of trip is a way for the two candidates to get closer. Ted Cruz looks like he might be angling for a job as Donald Trump’s running mate, but we don’t know whether Trump is interested yet.

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