Actress Denies Child Abuse Claim, Maggie Kirkpatrick Said Charges Are ‘Absolutely Not’ True

An Australian actress, accused of child abuse, said the claim is “absolutely not” true. On Wednesday, Maggie Kirkpatrick appeared in court to face charges of sexual assault and gross indecency with a person under the age of 16. Although the alleged incident occurred in the 1980s, it was not reported until 2013.

The alleged victim, who was not named, met the actress while she was a patient at a psychiatric hospital in Kew.

As reported by BBC, the 13-year-old girl was a fan of the Prisoner: Cell Block H soap opera — in which Maggie Kirkpatrick played a character called The Freak.

According to reports, a television producer — who was also a patient at the facility — arranged a personal meeting between the teen and the actress.

As reported by Herald Sun, Maggie Kirkpatrick admitted she picked the teen up at the hospital and transported her to her home. However, the details surrounding the rest of the evening remain unclear.

The alleged victim claims she and Kirkpatrick “shared a meal and then went to the actor’s bedroom.” While in the bedroom, the actress reportedly molested the teen.

The actress denies the child abuse claim.

Maggie Kirkpatrick said she was in the process of preparing dinner when she realized the alleged victim was “rummaging through her liquor bottles.”

As the teen had a history of substance abuse issues, Kirkpatrick said she called a taxi and sent her back to the psychiatric facility.

It is unclear why the alleged victim waited 30 years to report the incident to police. However, criminal charges were filed in a court of law.

A native of New South Wales, Australia, Maggi Kirkpatrick is best known for her role in Prisoner: Cell Block H. She also appeared in the 1982 film The Pirate Movie and the 1997 film Welcome to Woop Woop.

According to IMDB, the 74-year-old actress is the divorced mother of one child.

During an interview, the actress said the child abuse charges are “absolutely not” true. Maggie Kirkpatrick said she will “go to court to have this ridiculous situation quashed.”

[Image via Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images]