New York Yankees Rumors: GM Brian Cashman Preferred Troy Tulowitzki To Derek Jeter

New York Yankees rumors reveal some interesting information. It seems Yankees general manager Brian Cashman told Derek Jeter that he would have preferred to have Troy Tulowitzki at shortstop. A report from the New York Daily News on Wednesday (August 19) states that this took place back in 2010, as Cashman and Jeter worked out what would be a three-year, $51 million MLB contract.

The report expounds upon the situation, as Jeter had asked Cashman, “Who would you rather have playing shortstop this year than me?” It didn’t take long for the GM to respond, as he named Troy Tulowitzki of the Colorado Rockies and prepared to give Jeter a lit of other names. The report says that Cashman stated, “We’re not paying extra money for popularity. We’re paying for performance.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Derek Jeter had quite the sendoff, coming through with a game-winning hit during his final home game. It was a great way to cap off a dismal 2014 MLB season for Jeter, but it hasn’t ended New York Yankees rumors about the future Hall Of Fame inductee. Stories about how Brian Cashman and Jeter dealt with each other haven’t ended with his retirement either. It could continue even more if Jeter decides to publish a book about his MLB career.

Another anecdote from the story about Cashman was in response to claims that he felt Jeter had “divalike tendencies” at times. When asked again about that quote, Cashman didn’t deny it and actually took it a step further.

“Sometimes honesty hurts. But if you’re being paid to do a job, do the job. You have to honor the job description; if not, you’re a fraud or stealing money. You Can’t fake your way doing this. You either do it or you don’t.”

Though Troy Tulowitzki routinely put up better offensive and defensive numbers than Derek Jeter, Yankees fans don’t want to hear anyone badmouthing a guy that helped bring five World Series titles to New York. Since he decided to retire from the game, the front office has had an extremely difficult time replacing Jeter at shortstop. One of the players that actually came up in recent New York Yankees trade rumors was Tulowitzki, as the Colorado Rockies explored a rebuilding process. He ended up being sent to the Toronto Blue Jays, giving general manager Brian Cashman a chance to watch him play quite often in the American League East.

[Image Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images]