‘The Goonies’ House Has Been Closed Off And Is No Longer Open To The Public – Goonies Sometimes Do Say Die

There are many landmarks in movies and entertainment that are visited by people every single day. A lot of them are iconic and end up becoming museums and other such visitor-type places. The house that was in The Goonies has long been one in Astoria, Oregon that has drawn the random photographer or gawker. Well, the house is now off limits due to the 30th anniversary of the film bringing 1,200 to 1,500 people to check it out daily.

The Daily Astorian is reporting that Sandi Preston has owned and lived in the home for 14 years now, and she has never minded the fans. Within reason, she has allowed them to look, photograph it, and even come in to visit if she was in the mood for it.

That is no more.

the goonies house

The blue tarps were put up by Preston in hopes of getting people to stay away. It hasn’t worked.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the cult classic film from the ’80s, and it has brought the fans out in hordes. Preston has said that it just got to be too much, as there have often been an estimated 1,200 to 1,500 visitors around the house every single day this summer.

City Councilor Russ Warr has said that Preston has been “very, very accommodating” with her home and the fans of The Goonies. It’s just gotten to be a lot and Preston and her neighbors are just tired of it all. Warr knows it’s gotten to be over the top.

“The tourism at the Goonies house has, over the last three or four years, absolutely exploded.”

Preston has asked the chamber and the city to help in any way possible to limit the public’s access to her home. She is simply trying to have some kind of a normal everyday life, but it’s hard to do with so many people around.

the goonies house sign

Signs are now posted around the home advising fans that it is closed and off limits to the public. There are other signs and posters recommending other things to do in Astoria and Oregon so that the fans have somewhere to go and enjoy other things to take part in.

Sandi Preston is merely asking that everyone respect her privacy. She even went onto the Facebook page for the 30th anniversary of The Goonies.

“The (caliber) of people/generations is changing, and not for the better. They don’t have a sense of family or community but feel entitled and let no one get in their way. We see it daily with the threats against us; all because we choose to have some privacy. It’s been unrestricted for 14 years and we are worn out.”

Many fans of The Goonies fully understand what she is asking and have respected her decisions as they get where she is coming from. Others have vocally made their displeasure known and are even angry at times. Some have even vowed to fight Preston to allow them to see the home.

Fans of The Goonies love the movie, the history, and still hope for a sequel one day. They know that it is a movie that will live on forever and just want to see the house they have always dreamed of living in. Sandi Preston gets that, but simply wants to live her life.

[Images via The Daily Astorian – Joshua Bessex/IMPAwards]