Kidnapped Teen Found Dead: 17-Year-Old German Teen Found Dead After ‘Botched Kidnapping’

A kidnapped teen has been found dead in Germany, according to police. Anneli-Marie R. left her parents home to walk her dog last Thursday, but never returned. According to Sport Act, police say that the teen’s body was found on Tuesday in an abandoned farmyard in Klipphausen, which is in East Germany.

“Officers have now revealed the alleged captors used her mobile phone to try to contact her father the same day to demand a €1.2 million ransom for her safe return but he was not able to immediately take the call. However, less than a minute later he phoned back, received the demand and in the background screams could be heard,” reports Sport Act.

The 17-year-old girl left home with her dog and a bicycle in the early evening. The teen’s bicycle was found on the side of a road, but the family’s dog had been missing until Monday; He was found alive.

Sadly, Anneli-Marie did not have the same fate.

The kidnapped teen found dead was the daughter of a wealthy German businessman. According to the New York Daily News, two men have been arrested in connection with the case, one is 39-years-old while the other is 61. Details on how police may have found the two men, who were located in two different cities (one in the city of Dresden, and the other in Bavaria), are not clear at this time. One of the men has reportedly already admitted to putting the teen into his car. Both men have been charged.

Police say that Anneli-Marie R.’s parents were very cooperative with the men who kidnapped her, but she turned up dead anyway.

“Her desperate parents pleaded with the abductors not to harm their daughter and said they would pay any amount of money requested.”

Some reports indicate that this was a “botched kidnapping” because the girl’s captors were not wearing masks when the abducted her. Police believe that this was the ultimate reason the men killed the teen — because she would have been able to identify them if they freed her.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the kidnappers “studied” Anneli-Marie’s Facebook page before abducting her, and this kidnapping was absolutely planned. Police say that there wasn’t any evidence that she was sexually assaulted while being held captive.

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