Emily Feeney: High School Counselor Promises One Student Harvard For Intercourse

The community of Malvern, Pennsylvania is wondering what prompted the school guidance counselor Emily Feeney to use her connections at Harvard attempt to have sex with a student. According to a report from NBC Philadelphia, Feeney began sending the messages to the teenage boy as early as the summer of 2014. It was reported that the 16-year-old boy repeatedly told Feeney to back off and to stop sending the messages.

“I’m not interested in you end of story. I’m 16. I’m not into you.”

For some reason, those words didn’t dissuade Feeney from continuing to send emails. In the end, she even sent topless photos of herself to the boy. Feeney did in fact have connections to Ivy League schools. She had previously worked for Princeton and Columbia. While the young man continued to thwart her advances, she still worked to get him to Harvard hoping this might persuade him.

At one point, she contacted the Harvard swim team about him. They contacted the student, and Feeney thought that it was only fair that he show her gratitude. She suggested in a message to him that a simple thank you was not going to work with her.

“You (victim) owe me big time. And no high fives.”

Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan spoke with reporters about some of the more graphic messages that Freeney sent to the student.

“If you’d just stop fighting and let it happen, you’d be a lot less uptight and much happier.”

“I am reopening this conversation in two years when you graduate. No one would get in trouble and it would be so worth it. Tabled for two years.”

“You are gorgeous and this is killing me, please talk to me.”

“I know you don’t want me calling you into my office.”

Hogan added in an interview with ABC News 6 what he felt disturbed him the most concerning Feeney.

“When it’s happening between a 40-year-old adult and a 16-year-old child – with that difference in power and authority – that is the sort of sexual abuse that we worry about.”

Emily Feeney voluntarily turned herself into police officers on August 18. She is being charged with four counts including unlawful contact with a minor, indecent assault, and sexual contact with a student. She refused to answer any questions with the media. The investigators did say that there was no physical contact between Feeney and the 16-year-old boy.

What do you think prompted Emily Feeney to continue to pursue the student despite the fact he consistently said he had no interest in her? What actions do you feel the court should take?

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