‘Real Housewives’ Cast Calls Out LuAnn For Having Two Personalities At Reunion

Round one of The Real Housewives of New York reunion, and the main target going forward seems to be “The Countess” LuAnn de Lesseps. Seasons worth of resentment are bubbling to the surface as the women seem to want LuAnn to get real and admit that she has two distinct personalities when relating to the other women.

The ladies all like “Lu,” who they think is fun, a good friend, and someone they’d like to hang with. “The Countess,” on the other hand, is judgmental, condescending, and full of advice on proper behavior. We are assuming it’s “Lu” who brings strange men home when on holiday.

As reported in the Inquisitr, de Lesseps’ “do as I say, not as I do” attitude has never been more obvious as when relating to a fellow RHONY cast mate, also known as The Princess Carole Radziwill, as her deceased husband was a prince, who she has berated to her face and behind her back this season. The feud started when Radziwill started dating the chef of The Countess, Adam Kenworthy, who previously dated her niece, Nicole. Kenworthy is 29, and Radziwill is 51, and so de Lesseps has been using all of this to take Radziwill down, even though de Lesseps routinely preys on men half her age.


The ladies all reached out to explain that they enjoy “Lu” but are put off by “The Countess.” Even de Lesseps started speaking about “The Countess” in the third person, as if she was talking about another person. Perhaps even she needs to reconcile the two personalities. The Wrap reports that de Lesseps was in full Countess mode when she lectured Radziwill about “younger men being just for fun” and how offended she was that Radziwill “slept with her help.”

Even Real Housewives of New York cast mate Bethenny Frankel, who has known de Lesseps for years, calls her out about her “Countess” behavior as a put on, when she is feeling uppity and superior. The Countess made it clear, point blank, that it is just fine to “hook up” with a twenty-something, but in the Countess Book of Manners, you can’t date one. Entertainment Weekly said it best when examining the feud of “The Princess versus the Countess.”

“It’s possible that Adam was still dating Luann’s niece when he started dating Carole, and Carole was being a little too flippant with her friend … but doubtful. I demand the return of Cool Luann!”

But as part one of The Real Housewives of New York reunion came to a close, nothing was resolved. Perhaps parts two and three will move the ladies toward a resolution.

Do you think LuAnn puts on “The Countess” persona to put people in their place on Real Housewives?

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