Chris Soules Gets On The Advertising Bandwagon: Are ‘Bachelor’ Stars Losing Fans?

Chris Soules has been keeping a low profile, as he has been working on his farm in Arlington, Iowa. Soules broke off his engagement to Whitney Bischoff just a few short months after going public with their Bachelor relationship. Soules had competed on Dancing with the Stars, and he really enjoyed the fame that came with that. But Whitney was less than impressed with Chris, who may have changed after his dancing appearances.

These days, Chris Soules continues to dance with Witney Carson. The two have made some appearances together, as he was the underdog on his season of Dancing with the Stars. And many speculate that Chris and Witney could have some chemistry. But maybe it was just too soon for him to start dating. For a brief moment, Soules was also linked to Andi Dorfman, who really wanted to set him up. Instead, Chris is using his fan base to make some extra cash.

According to a new tweet, Chris Soules is following in the footsteps of many past Bachelor stars who are using their social media followings to make money. Andi Dorfman was criticized for posting a good handful of ads on her Instagram following, and she continues to post Instagram ads these days. This morning, she posted one for 310 Nutrition. And Soules is jumping on this bandwagon.

“Just got this White With Style kit in the mail, use code ‘ChrisS28’ to get one for $28,” Chris Soules tweeted, while sharing a picture of himself with the teeth whitening kit in his hand.

While some Bachelor and Bachelorette stars are able to pitch products in a way that appears natural, Chris is on a farm somewhere. If he was pitching farming tools or gardening tools, it may appear more natural. But teeth whitening? It doesn’t really sound natural. It screams advertising, and it sounds like his fans aren’t digging the ads.

“Goodness gracious get your dignity back and quit being a pitch man,” one follower wrote while another added, “This is an #Ad and you are required to tell people.”

According to the Inquisitr, Kaitlyn Bristowe is supposedly making lots of money with her advertisements on social media. Since getting engaged to Shawn Booth, the two are making lots of money. Just last week, Kaitlyn posted several posts regarding candles and beauty products. And maybe Soules would love to keep some money coming in from his Bachelor fame.

What do you think of Chris Soules posting ads?

[Image via Twitter]