Same-Sex Marriage In Australia Should Be ‘People’s Choice, Not Politicians’ Choice’, Angers Australians And MPs

Thousands of Australians from all over the country rallied last week when news came out that the Parliament is finally introducing the same-sex marriage bill on Monday. The move for the same-sex marriage bill is actually a first in Australia, having been introduced by MPs from both sides, plus members of the ruling conservative coalition. However, even if the clamor for same-sex marriage in Australia continues to strengthen by the day — an apparent result from the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States — it’s disappointing that the Australian PM himself, Tony Abbott, is making it impossible for the Parliament to make the same-sex marriage bill become a law.

But while the same-sex marriage bill is gaining huge support from inside the Parliament itself, Inquisitr previously reported that Abbott took it upon himself to prevent the MPs from getting a free vote. Abbott is firm in his decision not to allow any changes in the government until the next elections, and since everyone knows his personal stance regarding same-sex marriage, everyone was able to conclude the fate of the same-sex marriage bill.

In an effort to defend his move of restricting MPs from voting and not allowing the Parliament to come to a consensus regarding the same-sex marriage bill, Abbott said that the decision to legalize same-sex marriage in Australia shouldn’t rest on the hands of the lawmakers, but on the hands of the Australian people themselves.

[Same-sex marriage] is an issue which is so personal, about which people feel so deeply, so strongly, in many cases, why not let the people, not the parliament, decide this? That’s the democratic and the fair thing to do. Do not underestimate the magnitude of this as a cultural shift; never before in this country or anywhere until very recently has this been regarded as an appropriate cultural norm.”

But no one is buying Abbott’s move to hold a plebiscite to decide the fate of the same-sex marriage bill on the next term. Australians all over the country are taking it to the streets to voice out their anger and frustration on the government, saying Abbott’s plebiscite proposal is a stalling tactic. MC Anthony Wallace releases his rage on the same-sex marriage rally in Sydney.

“Stick your plebiscite where the sun don’t shine! Pass the bl**dy bill!”

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten also expressed his agitation over Abbott’s selfish move.

“This week, Mr. Abbott and his right-wing Liberals broke the heart of the nation. They are holding Australia back. It should not be the case that people are treated as a second-class citizen merely because of who they love… Why is Mr. Abbott so stuck in the past that he’s worried about who someone else marries? Get a life!”

In Adelaide, hundreds of South Australians also took to Rundle Street their demand for the legalization of same-sex marriage, noting that August 15 also marks the 11th anniversary of the amendments to the Marriage Act, which started the discrimination against gay marriages.

In an Ipsos poll conducted last week, CNN reports that Australian group Fairfax recorded that already 69 percent of Australians are clamoring for the legalization of same-sex marriage. With Abbott’s words that the legalization of same-sex marriage should be the “people’s choice, not the politicians’ choice,” Australians are hoping that their voices finally reaches their PM’s ears and hearts and that the equalization of marriage rights in their country finally pushes through.

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