Miley Cyrus Discusses Her ‘Very Experimental’ New Album

Miley Cyrus is busy putting the touches on her next album. In between posting strange photos on Instagram and partying with her friends, the former Disney star is working on new music.

Cyrus, 22, is working on the follow-up to her successful Bangerz album. Don’t expect the same ballads and jams like “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball” though. Cyrus claims that she’s going for an “experimental” sound with this next album.

Miley Cyrus said that she’s been putting the “finishing touches” on her new album. She’s been teasing her fans with new music on Instagram for the past few months. Fans are impatiently waiting for Miley’s fifth studio album, which is reportedly being released two years after Bangerz.

In a recent Instagram post, Cyrus shared a photo of herself with producer Mike Will Made It. She captioned the photo: “Finishinnnggggg toucheZzzzz @mikewillmadeit (sic).”

In her recent interview with Marie Claire magazine, Miley said that she’s planning to release her next album for free. Her manager, Adam Leber, butted in and gave the reason why she’s deciding to offer it free of charge.

“If RCA wasn’t down the gratis plan, she was prepared to buy herself out of the label.”

Miley herself also said that the reason why she’s still making music these days is because she enjoys being a singer.

“I make music because I like it and then I put it out to the public because there are some people out there who like it, too.”

Adam Lebber added, “Miley’s not driven by dollars. She makes her own path. Once upon a time, that’s what most artists did. Now, people like Miley are a few and far between.”

That made former 1D singer, Zayn Malik, take notice and side with Miley’s decision to release her music for free. In the meantime, he slammed Taylor Swift for pulling her entire music catalog from Spotify. Zayn then found himself in a brief Twitter feud with Taylor’s boyfriend, Calvin Harris, as previously reported via the Inquisitr.

Mike Will Made It updated fans on Cyrus’ new album. He said that they recorded “eight or ten songs” as of June 2015.

“We’ve got like eight or ten songs recorded, so we’re just gonna pick up the best songs to go on the album. It should be interesting though. Her whole sound is switching up, you know what I’m saying? It’s crazy.”

Miley Cyrus is producing the album by herself even though she’s been working with Mike Will Made It in the recording studio. Sources close to the singer said that the new album is not as good as her last one was.

“Yes, Miley’s new album is self-produced, and sources close to her admit it’s not very good – they’re calling it ‘experimental.'”

If Cyrus’ next album is going to be “experimental,” that means she will produce even less Top 40 hits than Bangerz was able to produce. Cyrus was able to ride off the success of her two singles “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball,” but fell off the top music charts after her last release, “Adore You.”

The reason why Miley is getting experimental is because of her Backyard Sessions for the Happy Hippie Foundation. The singer has been covering acoustic covers of classic songs for her charity, which fights homelessness for LGBTQ youth. That may mean she could have some indie/acoustic songs on her new album.

On the other hand, Cyrus is good friends with Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, which means that she could be going in a completely different direction. Cyrus has also hinted that she’s working on a joint album with the alternative rock band. She may be in the middle of rebelling against the label she joined since leaving Hollywood Records.

Miley is not in the mood to make money or release Top 40 hits at the moment, but it could hurt her music career later if she’s not careful. She’ll be seen as the laughingstock of the music industry, if not already.

Fans will have to wait and see when Miley Cyrus releases her next album, which still doesn’t have a release date yet.

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