Zayn Malik-Calvin Harris Twitter Feud: What Their Beef Was Really About

Zayn Malik has been causing trouble ever since he came back to Twitter. The former One Direction singer found himself in a brief Twitter feud with DJ Calvin Harris on Monday, August 17.

It all started when Malik retweeted a photo that compared Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus’ views on making money in the music industry. Some people thought that the innocent retweet slammed Swift’s anti-Spotify stance. That obviously caused Malik’s own fans to cause a rivalry between Swift and Cyrus.

The tweet featured quotes from Taylor Swift’s interview when she decided to pull her music catalog from Spotify, while Miley Cyrus made some laid-back comments about how she’s already made so much money that she doesn’t care if her album sells out or not.

Zayn’s recent tweet is also what ticked Calvin off. In a serious of profanity-laced tweets, the “Summer” DJ came to Taylor’s defense. Calvin and Taylor have been dating for almost six months now, so it only makes sense that he would defend his lady’s honor.

Harris wrote, “You’ve made your money? Cool…f*** the 99% of musicians who depend on these services to survive right? Yeah f*** em.”

That’s not all that Calvin wrote. He explained why Taylor is doing good for the music industry. He praised his girlfriend’s tactics and claimed that she’s doing it for the greater good of the music industry.

The EDM hitmaker tweeted, “If u don’t get what it means when a successful artist uses their celebrity to benefit every other musician and songwriter in the industry…”

The DJ didn’t like the responses he received from Malik’s fans and Directioners, so he cussed them out.

Harris then wrote, “stay out of my f****in mentions pls.”

He also went on to diss every musician’s young fan base by writing, “While u kids are refresh voting teen choice awards there’s some poor f***er in a basement making your new favorite record trying to survive.”

Calvin then added, “Meaning…stay out of things you don’t understand.”

Obviously, those tweets didn’t sit well with Malik.

In a series of short tweets, he wrote, “ha you just made an absolute fool of yourself mate. you clearly didn’t understand what I just said either. so i suggest you calm your knickers before them dentures fall out.”

Harris only responded with an “lol” and then complimented Malik on his singing abilities. It looks like the guys are done with this very brief Twitter feud, for now. But now the real question lies, were Harris and Malik really fighting over the music industry or over their famous girlfriends/ex-girlfriends?

It’s been rumored that Calvin Harris is not too crazy about One Direction. Meanwhile, Taylor was in a high-profile relationship with Harry Styles. Rumors claim that Calvin has forbid Harry from speaking to his famous girlfriend. An alleged insider even told Hollywood Life that Malik wasn’t a fan of the couple famously known as “Haylor.”

According to the inside source, Malik and Swift have been feuding for some time now, which is why he got into a feud with Harris. It also didn’t help that Swift invited his ex-fiancee, Perrie Edwards, and her band, Little Mix, on stage during her 1989 World Tour.

Over the weekend, Zayn allegedly dissed Perrie by sharing a tweet by the Twitter account Shady Music Facts that pitted Little Mix against Fifth Harmony.

Now the insider is saying that Malik thinks that the “Bad Blood” singer is snooty and stuck up.

“When Taylor and Harry dated, Zayn never took to her. He thought she was too goody goody for Harry and acted like she was better than everyone.”

As for Taylor Swift, she has yet to respond to Zayn Malik and Calvin Harris’ feud. Swift has been vocal about pulling her music from freemium (free streaming) services since writing her own op-ed on the Wall Street Journal and writing an open letter to Apple on her Tumblr blog. In both pieces, she signed off her thoughts with nothing but love.

What are your thoughts on Zayn Malik and Calvin Harris’ Twitter feud? Do you think it was really over the music industry or the women in their lives? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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