Zayn Malik Disses Ex-Fiancée Perrie Edwards, #ZaynHasNoChill Trends On Twitter

Zayn Malik officially has no chill. The former One Direction band member posted a subtle insult to his ex-fiancée, Perrie Edwards from Little Mix, on Twitter, Gossip Cop reports.

Here’s how it went down. The Twitter account Shady Music Facts, an account that normally pits artists against one another, recently asked its followers to retweet if they thought that “Worth It” by Fifth Harmony was better than Little Mix’s “Black Magic,” and to Favorite if they think that Little Mix’s song was better.

Zayn retweeted the question, meaning that he thought Fifth Harmony’s song was better. Then Twitter kind of exploded, and the hashtag “#Zaynhasnochill” trended.

Zayn obviously isn’t one to shy away from messy breakups. The Zayn Malik One Direction breakup was bad enough. The Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards relationship ended earlier this month, when Zayn reportedly dumped Perrie via text. Edwards and Malik had been together for two years. According to Gossip Cop, Perrie was “devastated” by the split, and some of the fans on Twitter were on her side. On the other hand, lots of fans were happy about the breakup and even celebrated it. Some fans even called for the end of the engagement and the hashtag “#Cancelyourengagementzayn” trended.

Zayn’s former bandmates have been in the news recently, as well. During an appearance on Good Morning America, One Direction performed their new single, “Drag Me Down,” on TV for the first time. Louis Tomlinson finally admitted that he’s going to be a dad. But there was no news of whether he would be marrying his baby’s mother, Briana Jungwirth. According to Hollywood Life, Bria is demanding that Louis put a ring on it.

“Briana told Louis that she wants a ring on her finger before the birth of their child,” a source told Life & Style. “She’s piling on the pressure for him to make a commitment. She knows it’s unromantic and perhaps too rushed, but Briana feels like she needs to give Louis an ultimatum because he’s so laid back.”

The One Direction band member is reportedly too committed to the single life to settle down.

“Louis still has a number of girls on the line and is showing no signs of stopping,” an insider source told Hollywood Life. “He’s enjoying the perks of being a handsome, rich, popular singer. Gorgeous girls constantly throw themselves at him and he appreciates it. He has about three girls he’s dating on a consistent basis, as well as others here and there.”

For his part, there are reports that Zayn is afraid that Perrie Edwards may throw some shade of her own if Little Mix wins at the Teen Choice Awards, another article on Hollywood Life reports.

“Zayn really doesn’t want Little Mix to win at the Teen Choice Awards. He knows that will give Perrie the perfect platform to diss him again and he doesn’t want to deal with it,” an insider source said.

According to various reports, Zayn Malik will not be at The Teen Choice Awards, so if Perrie Edwards throws shade at him, he’ll catch it on TV or hear about it later on Twitter.

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