ObamaCare Replacement: GOP Presidential Hopeful Scott Walker Says He Has A Plan

ObamaCare, savior or sinking ship? In politics, it has been a left/right political war over who is right on the bill, but many have seen ObamaCare drive up their premiums since January, 2015. As Democrats fight to keep President Obama’s namesake legislation, 2016 Republican Presidential candidates have been fighting against ObamaCare, but not as many have come up with an alternative. Fox News reports that Republican Presidential hopeful former Governor Scott Walker has an ObamaCare replacement plan, and he detailed it Tuesday afternoon.

Walker calls his ObamaCare replacement blueprint the Day One Patient Freedom plan, and it comes in five titular stages. The five-step ObamaCare replacement plan is as follows: repeal ObamaCare entirely; ensure affordable and accessible health insurance for everyone; make health care more efficient, effective and accountable by empowering states; increase quality and choice through innovation; and provide financial stability for families and taxpayers. The Walker plan is 15 pages in length.

In Scott Walker’s ObamaCare replacement plan, his first step is like the battle cry for every Republican since ObamaCare’s inception “Repeal ObamaCare on Day One.” This would require Walker to immediately send legislation to congress to repeal the bill, which he said he would do.

“Simple as this – it starts out with premise on my first day as president, I will send legislation to once and for all repeal ObamaCare entirely.”

The centerpiece to his entire ObamaCare replacement proposal is allowing states more control over health care, which includes less intrusion in health care decisions, such as allowing children to stay under their parent’s health care until they are 26 years old.

“The past five years have clearly demonstrated that giving Washington top-down control over regulating health care coverage does not work.”

Walker’s plan would remove barriers and regulations that he believes have been causing costs to go up and innovation to be hampered. Part of how Scott Walker plans to do this is to repeal ObamaCare’s $1 trillion in new taxes, allow health insurance purchases over state lines, and return Medicaid regulatory power to the states and allow them to break it down into smaller, focused parts.

Walker has a plan for low-income and pre-existing condition health care recipients as well, the Washington Post reports. Former Governor Scott Walker believes the states can tailor their own high-risk patients program to their needs.

For low-income Americans and others that have trouble affording health care, or the 19 million that Democratic candidates allege will lose their insurance if ObamaCare is repealed, he suggests tax credits based on age. They range from a $900 credit for someone under 17, to a maximum amount of $3,000 for ages between 50 and 64. Also in Scott Walker’s plan, there would be a $1,000 tax credit for anyone who signed up for a health savings account, increasing the amount someone could deposit into the accounts tax-free.

In the ObamaCare replacement plan that Scott Walker has, he also says he will tackle health care lawsuit reform and find options and quality for Americans. Though he did not outline his lawsuit reform, Walker did say he would encourage wellness program to assist in his plan to replace ObamaCare, and increase quality and options for the country.

The Inquisitr reported that ObamaCare could take premiums for a hike to more than 50 percent in 2016, not to mention the millions who have rejected the insurance so far.

What are your thoughts about Scott Walker’s ObamaCare replacement?

Would it be enough to fix the health care industry, and replace ObamaCare?

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