Father, 51, Allows Girlfriend, 26, To Lock His 6-Year-Old Son In Car For 45 Minutes To Finish Date

Police have arrested a 51-year-old father and his 26-year-old girlfriend after a 6-year-old boy was left in a car alone so the pair could finish a dinner date together. The couple, Aric Keck and Jacqueline Tabb, went to eat a nice meal at Kona Grill in Alpharetta, Georgia, bringing along Keck’s 6-year-old son. However, the boy got bored. Instead of cutting the date short, Tabb allegedly walked the child to Keck’s vehicle a block away and locked him inside. Tabb then returned to the restaurant to finish dinner with Keck as the boy sat alone in the dark parking lot. The boy was left alone for nearly 45 minutes before using a cell phone located in the car to call his mother and report what had happened.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 51-year-old Aric Keck wanted to take his 26-year-old girlfriend out for a nice meal. The father brought his 6-year-old son along for the meal as it was his turn for visitation. However, it seems that Tabb had other plans for the boy. As the trio were eating at the Kona Grill in Alpharetta, Georgia, the boy became bored. Not willing to cut the meal short, the girlfriend allegedly escorted the young child out of the restaurant to the parked vehicle a block away where she locked the doors and returned to finish dinner with the child’s father.

The Daily Mail notes that the boy was locked in the parked car for nearly 45 minutes as his father and girlfriend finished their meal. While waiting in the vehicle, the terrified child found a cell phone and called his mother for help. The boy’s mother says he was sobbing uncontrollably as he explained the situation over the phone. The mother was able to obtain the boy’s location due to street signs, but as police gathered the information from the child over the phone, Keck returned to the car. Upon Keck’s return to the vehicle, police say that the phone was disconnected.

The police report notes that it appears Keck was the one to disconnect the phone upon returning to the vehicle as the boy spoke with police. When police attempted to return the call, again it was noted that Keck disconnected the call. However, on the second attempt, Keck decided to speak with officers and said that he only left the boy in the car to go to the restroom. Following the call with the police, the boy’s mother claims that Keck called her and threatened to kill her in front of Tabb and her young son.

Despite Keck’s claims that the child was only left in the vehicle while he went to the restroom, surveillance footage from the restaurant paints a different story.

“Tabb can be seen leaving the eatery with a young boy at 9.32pm, before returning without him several minutes later. She then stays inside the restaurant with Keck until 10.15pm, when the couple are seen leaving, contradicting Keck’s claims that he only left the boy alone to go to the bathroom.”

After viewing the surveillance footage, police arrested both Aric Keck and Jacqueline Tabb for reckless conduct.

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