Tenley Molzahn Explains Her Absence On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Tenley Molzahn is thrilled to be in Mexico, as she could potentially meet her future husband there. But on the last few episodes of Bachelor In Paradise, Tenley has been absent. And many of her followers are wondering where she is hiding out. Of course, the drama between Joe Bailey and Juelia Kinney has really taken over the storyline in paradise. In addition, Dan’s decision to leave Ashley I behind will also take some air time next week.

But that doesn’t mean Tenley Molzahn is planning on heading home anytime soon. In fact, Molzahn has been having fun and drinking mimosas. She has been working on developing her relationship with Joshua Albers and his conversations regarding drug use didn’t seem to rattle her. In fact, Molzahn has been having quite the party while all of the drama has been going on.

According to a new tweet, Tenley Molzahn has been drinking and having fun. And apparently, she didn’t realize that so much drama was happening.

“So I totally didn’t realize that all of this was going on! I was busy having a mimosa party!! #BachelorInParadise,” Tenley Molzahn revealed on Twitter, adding later, “I think you can see why most of us are so close after this. You go through a lot emotionally. Builds solid friendships. #BachelorInParadise.”

But Tenley did take the time to offer support to Ashley I, who felt dumped by Dan. He wanted to explore other relationships and was quick to accept a date when a new woman came into paradise. He didn’t realize that he had hurt Ashley so much, but Tenley was there to help out her friend.

“Guys, Ashely S has a heart of gold. Hard watching her heart hurt. Classy of Dan to talk to both girls before the date! #BachelorInParadise,” Tenley Molzahn reveals, adding, “Breakups just suck. But imagine living in the same place with someone you just broke up with. Ugh! #BachelorInParadise.”

But Molzahn shouldn’t have trouble finding love if it doesn’t work out for her in paradise. Not only is she still friendly with her ex-boyfriend, Kiptyn Locke, who could potentially hook her up, but she was also a topic of discussion during an interview with Nick Viall recently, according to the Inquisitr.

“She’s so adorable…I’m like, ‘You’re so precious!’ She is so precious! It’s very charming. Disclaimer guys, I don’t want to date Tenley…I can compliment without wanting to date her,” he revealed.

What do you think of Tenley Molzahn being on Bachelor In Paradise?

[Image via Love Lace Media]