What IT Pros Should Know About Windows 10 On Surface Pro 3

IT pros should be prepared for customers who want Windows 10 flawlessly installed onto their Surface Pro 3. Though a “flawless” installation isn’t likely, the proper installation process is a fairly simple task. However, there are still a few things to consider ahead of time, and the Surface Pro 3 has had even more issues with the software than most of the other devices Windows 10 has encountered.

Windows 10 was released nearly four weeks ago, which means that IT pros everywhere are receiving a higher number of clients at their ticket windows, asking for help on some of the simplest things. If you’re prepared, you shouldn’t have any problem facing the influx.

Installing Windows 10

Windows 10 is a free upgrade, so most people will try to install it themselves. However, many people are already running into issues with the software and the device, which brings them to your office. There are many Surface Pro users who find themselves blocked by an update sent out in July in order to prep the device for the new program. However, that update may be causing more problems than it’s solving, and Microsoft hasn’t sent out any updates to fix it just yet.

The easiest way to get a clean install with fewer bugs is to reset the device to factory settings before installing the software. Have a backup device on hand, and assure the client that no data will be lost. Factory resets make people very nervous, but until Microsoft addressed the issues with their previous update, this will be the most effective method for installing the software.

Functions That Don’t Work Properly

Despite several major updates performed to the system already, there are several functions that don’t work properly when Windows 10 is installed onto the Surface Pro 3. The mail and calendar have a difficult time opening, the Action Center settings are uncustomizable, it’s more complicated to access VPNs, and oftentimes, the audio doesn’t work.

Unfortunately, these are glitches that Microsoft will have to fix. Some have found that resetting their devices to factory settings and reinstalling the program will fix these glitches, however. You can play around with the devices and try the usual tricks for a temporary fix, but until Microsoft sends out one of their now-infamous updates for those specific issues, your clients will have a difficult time getting those functions to work consistently.

Get Organized Before People Come

You’re likely to have an increase in business very soon if it hasn’t happened already. It’s important to be organized and prepared before customers come flocking to your door. Begin by brushing up on your knowledge of the Surface Pro 3, since it seems to be the device experiencing the most problems with the upgrade so far. With a little intuition and some studying of its tics, you’ll be able to find many solutions to common problems.

You’ll also want to make sure you have an effective ticketing and management system, like the one offered by Spiceworks’ Help Desk, in place so that you can keep track of your orders and help each client efficiently. These are just little steps, but as an IT pro, it will make all the difference in your preparedness for dealing with Windows 10 on the Surface Pro 3.

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