McDonald’s Goddess Photo Goes Viral, Fast Food Restaurant Gets More Customers

It’s not hard for people to find goddesses – those women associated with love and beauty – anywhere. In Taiwan, there’s even a goddess that’s apparently working at a McDonald’s.

Wei Han Xu has been dubbed the “McDonald’s Goddess” and her conspicuous beauty has resulted in a marked increase in foot traffic and sales at a Taiwanese branch of the world famous fast food chain.

The “McDonald’s Goddess,” who’s also known as Weiwei, rose to instant Internet fame after blogger RainDog recently uploaded a photo of her at work, garbed in a pink uniform and wearing high heels, and described her as the “cutest McDonald’s goddess in Taiwanese history.” The photo quickly went viral and more pictures of the “McDonald’s Goddess” surfaced. She could be seen serving customers with a smile, working the cash register and filling up the containers of plastic cutlery. And she did all these while wearing a short skirt and some pretty serious heels.

Countless people became enamored with her doll-like features and once they figured out which branch their McDonald’s goddess worked at, they soon descended on the restaurant.

But Weiwei is unfazed with all the attention she has been getting as she already had experienced a small brush with fame, having joined several Taiwanese game shows. The college student has also done some modeling work and based on her very active social media accounts, she really enjoys posing for the camera.

The petite beauty is apparently happy with her stature as a McDonald’s goddess but admits that her boss is not pleased with it as some people come to the restaurant just to take her picture, without buying anything.

Western customers would undoubtedly find it strange that Weiwei is dressed up like she was in a cosplay event while working, but several McDonald’s restaurants in Taiwan have been following this practice for two years now.

It had been previously reported that some stores encourage their employees to dress up. Some even have cosplay events during special occasions like Halloween, Christmas or New Year where food servers dress up like Elsa and Anna from Frozen or as Dragon Ball Z characters.

Of course, there are also those who practice hiring pretty women to work in their stores and having them wear maids’ dresses and sailor uniforms.

A Japanese website reported that food servers wearing relatively skimpy outfits started at a McDonald’s near Taipei Railway Station. But while the female employees, like the McDonald’s goddess, could be seen wearing a costume, most male employees just wear their regular uniforms.

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