Seattle Mariners Rumors: Dave Dombrowski May Be Headed To The Mariners

According to Ryan Divish of the Seattle Times, Dave Dombrowski and the Seattle Mariners are a seemingly perfect fit for each other. In all of the Dombrowski speculation that has arisen since his leaving of the Detroit Tigers, the Seattle Mariners are almost always listed as a candidate.

The Seattle Mariners have president Kevin Mather, who took over for Chuck Armstrong after his departure last year. The Seattle Mariners also have a general manager in Jack Zduriencik, who has been given an unspecified extension by Mather.

Other teams probably make more sense for Dombrowski, since some jobs are missing people to tend to them. The Boston Red Sox recently fired president Larry Lucchino. And the Los Angeles Angels recently lost general manager Jerry DiPoto, who lost a power struggle against manager Mike Scioscia.

The Baltimore Orioles, Milwaukee Brewers, Toronto Blue Jays, and Philadelphia Phillies have also been mentioned in the conversation for Dombrowski.

So why would Dombrowski end up with the Seattle Mariners, who have already filled the front office positions suited for Dombrowski?

Well, Zduriencik’s time with the Seattle Mariners has been a struggle, to say the least, with only two winning seasons in seven years and zero playoff appearances. This season was supposed to change that trend for Seattle since the ownership spent more than $130 million on payroll, which they thought would lead to a run in the postseason. Things did not exactly go as management had planned. The Seattle Mariners are currently battling with the Oakland Athletics to stay out of last place in the American League West, as they hope to reach .500 before the end of the season.

Not only is the major league squad struggling, but the farm system is also down, lacking in both talent and depth. And the struggle of the major league squad is forcing young prospects to move up through the ranks quicker than they should, giving them less time to develop.

The Seattle Mariners have a real opportunity to contend in the next couple seasons, meaning CEO Howard Lincoln may look to make changes in the front office.

Dombrowski would likely want the title of president. The Seattle Mariners wouldn’t even have to lose anybody, since they could make Dombrowski in charge of baseball operations and leave Mather with business operations.

Dombrowski would likely want a lot of autonomy and control over the operations, and it is unsure whether Lincoln is willing to grant this. This is something Dombrowski had in Detroit, which led to his excellent performance with the Tigers.

Do you think the Seattle Mariners will make a move in order to acquire general manager Dave Dombrowski? If so, how could he change the Seattle Mariners into a playoff team?

[Image Source: Leon Halip/Getty Images]