Cross-Universe Promotion Between ‘Diablo 3’ And ‘Heroes Of The Storm’ Launches Tomorrow, Collect Free Rewards For Both

With a growing stable of online games, Blizzard Entertainment often offers special incentives to play one game by providing rewards or goodies for playing another. For example, players who reach the level 100 level cap in Warlords of Draenor, a World of Warcraft expansion, will receive a special Ironside Dire Wolf mount for use within Heroes of the Storm. Additional cross-game promotions are about to launch for Heroes of the Storm, and players who play it and Diablo 3 can earn special gifts for use in the Nexus and within Sanctuary.

Previously offered, players who pre-purchased Diablo 3 on the PC automatically unlock Valla the demon hunter for play in Heroes of the Storm. Starting with the Kharazim patch launching tomorrow, just owning Diablo 3 on PC will entitle a player of Heroes of the Storm to another free character as long as they log in before September 8. Diablo 3 owners must log in before that date to unlock a playable Diablo hero for use within Heroes of the Storm.

Diablo 3
The Heroes of the Storm pennant and portrait in Diablo 3

Players who own Diablo 3 on PC will also have a chance to earn a Heroes of the Stormportrait and banner themed after the MOBA. However, they will have to do more than merely log in to Heroes of the Storm to earn these two items. Players must reach an account level of 12 before receiving the new portrait and pennant. Reaching level 12 can be accomplished through most types of play in Heroes of the Storm while utilizing any of the available characters. Diablo 3 owners will, of course, have access to Diablo, and they can use any of the heroes available in the free, weekly hero rotation to meet the level 12 requirement on their account.

The cross-game and cross-universe promotion does not stop there for Diablo 3 and Heroes of the Storm. The final reward for owning both games and completing a specific goal will take a little work to obtain like hitting level 12 in Heroes of the Storm. When the fourth season starts in Diablo 3, players who attain max level with a seasonal character will receive a free mount in Heroes of the Storm. Malthael’s Phantom mount is the reward for this objective, adding another hint of Sanctuary to the Nexus.

The Inquisitr reported on the cross-game offerings last week when details showed up in the patch notes for Heroes of the Storm. The patch that kicks off the promotion will occur on August 18, adding a monk from Diablo 3 to the roster of ever-growing heroes. Malthael’s Phantom mount will be attainable once the next season begins in Diablo 3 on PC. That is scheduled to begin on August 28, making the mount available after its release.

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