Madonna Set To Earn $500 Million Dollars This Year

The Material Girl is expected to come through in a big way financially this year. Madonna may have been dealing with some issues this year. Her teenage daughter Lourdes has taken up smoking, and one of her video releases was age restricted and called raunchy by YouTube. But this year, Madonna’s empire is poised to earn the singer as much as $500 million dollars.

The Huffington Post offers a breakdown of how much money Madonna can expect to earn this year from her various endeavors:

– $300 million from her MDNA World Tour. Live Nation announced in a press release that Madonna has already sold $240 Million in ticket sales and that was before she added shows in South America to her tour, which should put an additional $40 million dollars in her accounts or more. She is also set to announce that the tour will be headed to Australia this year as well.

– Madonna is known as the Queen of merchandising and Industry insiders say this year is not going to be any different. It is not unheard of for Madonna to earn upwards of $75 million dollars in merchandise sales.

– Madonna’s new perfume Truth or Dare is expected to bring in more than $60 million dollars this year.

– Smirnoff just released a special “Madonna” version of their world famous vodka. It is being reported that she earned $10 million dollars for her endorsement of the liquor.

– Madonna is set to make about $10 million dollars from TV and DVD rights to her upcoming tour.

– Madonna has always defined the fashion world as well She has a new clothing line called the “Material Girl” line that is debuting this year as well as an exclusive line of lingerie at Macy’s. Expect her to make at least $5 million dollars off of that endeavor.

Not a bad year for Madonna!