Nina Dobrev Talks Vampire Diaries Season Finale

In tonight’s season finale of the Vampire Diaries, fans are going to be let in on a choice that has been a long time coming. Will Elana choose Stephan or Damon? Which vampire will be hers for eternity?

The Vampire Diaries star character Elana (played by Nina Dobrev) has been teasing fans all season as to who she is going to pick. Now the actress tells the Huffington Post during her latest Got Milk? Ad launch,

“If it was me, I would think that I would want to take a break from the whole vampire thing altogether. That’s what the whole finale episode is about. It’s about showing Elena’s progression, and showing her life now versus what it used to be and how normal she was. Her life is crazy now, and she really just wants to go back to her core. She wants to make things simple and stop running from vampires who try to save her life every five seconds.”

Although Dobrev basically copped to it that she is still probably going to need a little saving in tonight’s season finale. She added to the Huffington Post,

“She’s going to fight to save her own life and try to save other people’s lives, but in the end, people are constantly trying to save hers.”

Tonight expect some action with the return of Elan’s Aunt Jenna to the show, although Dobrev said she is really excited for the long awaited return of Elijah,

Dobrev said of the character,

“He’s back in a big way, and he’s awesome. I love him.”

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