Starbucks Disaster: Woman Finds Something Disgusting In Her Latte

An Arizona woman says she’ll never go to Starbucks again after she found something disgusting in her venti latte last week. Opposing Views says that Kim Dillon, of Phoenix, treated herself to a sugar-free latte at the popular coffee chain, but she almost swallowed more than the caffeinated beverage she was served.

Dillon says after she took a gulp of the drink, she immediately felt something in her mouth that was out of place. When she spat it out, to her horror, she realized it was a small lizard. The couple even took photos of the little creature.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ I was almost going to swallow it. It was just so gross knowing it was in my mouth.”

The particular Starbucks franchise where this took place is reportedly located inside a Fry’s grocery store, but the exact location has not been clarified in media reports. However, Fry’s Marketplace has released a statement saying that they are looking into pest control after cleaning up the store thoroughly — just in case the little critter came from the store, and is not the fault of Starbucks. Meanwhile, representatives with the popular coffee chain has expressed apologies for the situation. Dillon and her husband were offered gift cards to make up for the disturbing event, but they declined after deciding to never go to Starbucks again.

As gross as the details are in this story, it’s certainly not the first time someone has bitten off more than they can chew in regards to eating out. Earlier this year, a New Zealand woman got the shock of her life when she bit into a cockroach while eating a McDonald’s burger. The woman initially thought she was eating a piece of “gristly meat” before she realized she had been eating a roach. In 2006, a young girl in Bakersfield, California, reportedly bit into an old band-aid while eating a cheeseburger. The child reportedly choked on the bandage, which was smeared with either blood or ketchup. Two years before this, a Burger King worker allegedly spit up phlegm into a burger that was intended for a Rio Rancho police officer. The cop discovered the worker’s gross behavior after he ate part of the burger and got the man’s phlegm in his mouth.

This latest incident at Starbucks doesn’t appear to be a malicious act, nor have authorities ruled out whether or not the lizard was put there as part of a hoax. In the meantime, the Arizona woman and her husband are swearing off coffee from the popular franchise.

Photo: Kim Dillon

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