WWE Rumors: Long-Time WWE Star Talks Retirement And What He Will Do After Wrestling

As time goes on, some wrestling superstars find their in-ring time coming to an end, and one of those is the Big Show. He’s now in his 20th year of professional wrestling, and he knows that it’s not something he can do forever. Big Show took some time to speak on his retirement and what he will do after he’s done in WWE.

Show did an interview with Digital Spy, and he was there to promote this weekend’s SummerSlam and also the release of the WWE Studios movie, Vendetta. He’s in the movie and it’s not the first time he’s dabbled into some acting and movies.

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Big Show is looking to win the Intercontinental Title once again when he faces off with The Miz and champion Ryback. Some believe that he could be nearing the end of his career, and that this could be his final title match in WWE.

Digital Spy did ask Big Show if he would look to start winding down his in-ring career and moving more into other ventures.

“I think absolutely. I’ve had a fantastic career — I’m still competing on a full-time schedule, but nothing good lasts forever. So eventually I’m going to have to transition out of this industry and do something else that’s entertaining and exciting for me.

I think a natural evolution for me would be to try to transfer over into the film and TV world and start playing different characters. Hopefully that way I can keep entertaining my fans that are fans of me, in different avenues and different spotlights. It’s a natural evolution.”

Big Show has been in WWE since 1999, and he’s pretty much won every single thing that a wrestler could win. He’s won 18 titles during his time in WWE, and also five Slammy Awards and the Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy.

It’s not like he has a lot more to accomplish in the ring, but it’s not like he is alright with his time in the ring coming to an end soon. Having something end after doing it for so long is a big change for anyone, and that includes Big Show.

“Am I a little sad that my wrestling career is towards its end? Well, yeah, because this has been my life for 20 years. But I think I can continue to help some of the younger guys get over and develop and find out who they are then find a pleasant transition for myself. I’m not quite in the old folks’ home yet, I’ve still got more to do.”

Big Show did say that he’s now seen every week, but eventually, he’s going to “start not being on our programming as much, not being on TV every week. At that point, if fans see that happening and know he’s not injured, then they will realize his time is coming to an end.

While Big Show knows that retirement may not happen in the next week or month, he realizes that his time in WWE coming to an end is around the corner. He will try to capture the Intercontinental Title at SummerSlam on Sunday, but will it be his last shot ever?

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