Ricky Gervais Crusades To End Bullfighting, Hours After Another Bullfighter Is Gored To Death

Ricky Gervais has once again voiced his disdain for animal cruelty, in particular bullfighting, with an impassioned online diatribe just hours after another bullfighter was killed over the weekend.

Miguel Ruiz Perez is now the fourth person to have died in just three days as part of the Spanish summer festival, which is being held in Lerin, Naravarra, Northern Spain.

According to the Mirror, Perez was struck in the abdomen by the baby bull after slipping. The publication added that 29-year-old Perez was “horned in the stomach while trapped against wooding fencing.”

Authorities still haven’t decided whether or not they will cancel the event, even though the number of fatalities because of the bulls being attacked now eclipse the amount of days it has been going on for. It’s supposed to last for a full week.

On Friday, an unnamed 32-year old was gored by a bull in the back as he tried to reach safety and later died because of his injuries. Just a few hours later, Rafael Minano’s femoral artery was severed by a bull during a run in the town of Blanca.

He later died in Murcia hospital, while it was later revealed that he’d suffered abdominal punctures, two heart attacks, and several chest injuries before he ultimately perished. Then on Saturday morning Jose Alberto Penas was gored and then bled to death after attending a bull run in Penafiel.

And while this spate of deaths is now making this a global issue, it’s long been a problem. In fact, in July and August alone eight people have officially been killed by bulls across Spain.

Comedian Rickey Gervais, who has gallantly looked to bring to light any case of animal cruelty that he comes across, has now taken to Twitter to highlight just how absurd he finds bullfighting.

In response to a Tweet revealing the death of Perez, Gervais wrote, “Poor terrified bull. Ban cruel sports.” He then followed this up with, “Neither I nor any bull wants you to fight it. But if you insist I hope it defends itself. F*** anyone who tortures an animal for fun.”

Gervais even added a Facebook video on the subject, during which he proclaimed, “I mean the truth is I do prefer the bull to win. I’d rather you didn’t fight a bull, but if you do – if you choose to torture an animal to death for fun – I hope it defends itself and self defense is no offense.”

He added, “It’s terrified already – the crowds shouting – it’s disorientated, it just wants to stop. It’s done nothing wrong, this bull. If you choose to fight a bull for fun – f*** you.”

You can check out his full video on the matter below.

[Image via Fresnel/Shutterstock]