Christy Turlington Burns On The Defense After No Mother’s Day Campaign Backlash [Video]

Supermodel Christy Turlington Burns is on the defense after catching quite a bit of flack after releasing a short documentary film – No Woman, No Cry, apparently named after a popular Bob Marley song – and standing behind her Every Mother Counts organization’s request that fellow mothers go silent on Mother’s Day.

Burn’s organization helps raise awareness about the 360,000 annual deaths of mothers attributed to pregnancy or complications with child-birth. They are requesting that mothers everywhere go without phone calls, gifts, fanfare, and even Facebook! The No Mother’s Day campaign states that this act of solidarity will convey:

“Just how much a mother is missed when she is gone.”

After the No Mother’s Day campaign was made public, Every Mother Counts’ Facebook fans began wondering why it is that Christy Turlington has to be such a Debbie Downer. While there are those Facebook fans like Andres Carlos Jauregui who stated “this is stupid,” there are certainly those with contradictory perspectives coincident with those of Sondra Bloxam who clearly conveyed her support for the controversial campaign as she stated on the organization’s Facebook page:

“When I first learned about the No Mothers Day Campaign, my eyebrows crinkled like many others I am sure. I respect Every Mom Counts and the work Christy Turlington has done so I gave it a chance. I watched the video, shared it with my networks, and began talking about it. Some didn’t think silence would be effective. Others were confused as to why, as a mom, would I give up a day to be appreciated by my loved ones, even if for global maternal health awareness?? Having working in the field of sexual health organizing I can understand having difficult, even uncomfortable conversations with community members about the value of sexual health education and advocacy. This campaign felt familiar to me in that it is controversial, it is different, and it is absolutely necessary. Now, as I walk through the city and see all of the ads willing people to their stores to spend money on their mom’s, I think about No Mother’s Day, and feel empowered to reach out. Thank you for bringing mothers, and advocates alike together on this issue. I will continue to spread the word.”

Christy Turlington’s No Mother, No Cry Video: